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MySQL: Database Status?


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
I have searched the MySQL manual for something, and I am sure it has to be there; I just am unable to find it. So, I come to my fellow "code monkeys" to see if they know.

I am currently building a GUI (with php) for MySQL databases. With individual tables I can query a string like, "Show table status from main;", and it will return to me a bunch of information about the various tables I have set up. My question is, is there a way to "Show Database status" to return the same information that table status shows. :question:


In Memory...
Fire_ze_Missles said:
They show system variables and such that I don't care about. Im looking for stats such as Creation Time, Modified Time, Used Time, etc etc.
im not sure, the last time that I had to actually view the creation time of a DB i just logged into the mysql> command prompt......