mysterious' Hands


Angel of Death

Forever entrance in a delusional state of hallucinations
full of polished and exquisiteness beauty, only half tapered in reality
Of a naked and exhausted soul. The very essence of life or death.
Chose one…Live or Die? You decision…
Your chance to play God and falter upon his creation,
congregating the devil himself.
If your intelligence allows you to alter and hold such judgment.
Such disgrace upon dignity lacking in existence of a mortal.
Those Imperfect, unpredictable, sinfully full of delight…
All while slipping and diminishing every moment,
between the boundaries of this world or that.
Heave or hell… if you forbid such a place,
then who is it that catches you when you finally fall
off the edge of life into the strife hands of the mysterious?


Angel of Death
smoke-it said:
I sure wish I was that guy's hand.

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