Headlines Nader Denied Spot on Va. Presidential Ballot


Seeker of Truth
RICHMOND, Sept. 7 -- Virginia election officials on Tuesday rejected a bid by independent candidate Ralph Nader for a spot on the state's November presidential ballot after concluding that Nader's supporters failed to collect enough signatures from registered voters.

Jean Jensen, the secretary of the state's electoral board, said registrars across the state had verified 7,342 signatures for Nader, well short of the required 10,000. Candidates for the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party collected more than 10,000 valid signatures and will appear on the ballot, Jensen announced at a meeting of the board.

Jensen, a former chair of the state Democratic Party, said nearly half of the 13,000 signatures submitted by Nader's campaign "were either residents of Virginia but not registered to vote, residents of other states, or totally illegible."

Kevin Zeese, a spokesman for Nader, said the campaign would attempt to review the signatures that were rejected in Virginia. He said a similar effort by the Nader campaign in Maryland found 1,200 signatures that they believe should have been counted.

"We'll check and see if they got it right, and if they didn't, we'll sue 'em," Zeese said.

Democrats nationwide have worked to keep Nader off the presidential ballot in the belief that the independent would siphon votes away from Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry. Questions about the validity of signatures and allegations of fraud have prompted challenges to Nader's appearance on ballots in Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa and Oregon.

THIS is why we are absolutely STUCK with a two party system...