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Headlines Najaf Fighting Intensifies Amid Peace Push


Seeker of Truth
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi delegates delivered a peace proposal to aides of Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf on Tuesday, but the militant cleric refused to meet with them as explosions, gunfire and a U.S. air strike on the sprawling cemetery echoed across the holy city.

The delegation was kept waiting for three hours at the Imam Ali shrine, where some of al-Sadr's fighters have holed up, but were not allowed to meet with the cleric and left Najaf after talking with his aides.

Al-Sadr did not show up because of the "heavy shelling from the planes and tanks of the U.S. forces," said an aide, Ahmed al-Shaibany.

Both the mediators and Al-Sadr's deputies described their talks as positive. Al-Shaibany said the delegation would return Wednesday to meet with al-Sadr himself. Delegate Rajah Khozi said she hoped the group would be able to return Wednesday or Thursday, but there were no immediate plans for such a trip.


Anyone else see a problem with the title of this article?

Remind you of another place in the middle east where they will NEVER work it out?