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Name game (inspired by skitch's flame guide)


Banned - What an Asshat!
In this game that I thought up to redeem myself of the horrible tag game I made, I created this game. . . In this game everybody makes a mean, silly, funny, or nice rhyme to go with the previous poster. (this allows for comments)
Here are a couple of examples:

1) Say Diznuts posted before me; Diznuts bizzynuts

2) Say johnnykuntz posted before me; Johnnykuntz the dunce

Now you try me. . . :thumbsup:

BTW:Good luck
Eastside better hide.

(Cuz I'm comin through this area,
I don't wanna bury ya.
But I will, I'll slice your ass,
and make you my past, just another blast in the grass.)

Woot woot, i'm lame!


Original Dicksman
Diznuts said to some girl "Lemme bust up in dem guts"

HINT: My name is the Cajun style spelling of Woodrow, so the 2nd syllable is a long O sound