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Discuss National Front (France)


What do you guys think.. after Brexit and Trump, now it's France's turn to fuck with the establishment and make liberal progressives cry, all polls seem to suggest it's going to be a close call but all thing's considered I can see them winning and I really did not think this would happen or so soon, this is a party UKIP refused to co-operate with because of extreme views, a very poor judgement on UKIP but one more of placating a left wing media more than any deep held conviction I should think.. at a time when the Front national was on the margins

I'm just going out
Where are you going love
I have absolute no idea, I'm just going to br-exit the door
Have fun brexiting dear

I digressed

French Elections,_2017&usg=AFQjCNGH4tYdpTte3M36SoaL_jwVRnvzTQ&sig2=7_D1F_6HB49wmiT4zHRGlw

Here is a picture of Marine Le Pen when she's not on a giant screen with a swastika on her forehead at one of Madonnas concerts

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Isn't this what Progressivism promotes? More female leaders?

Unless they don't match up narrative to narrative.