Fringe Naval Subs in the Finger Lakes?

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Note: This is more than a conspiracy theory. The question is if this is STILL happening. Not is it.

Most of you probably aren't familiar with the finger lakes (located in western NY) however one of them, Seneca Lake, is unbelievably deep and it is rumoured that naval submarines under the lake, using drainage points for quick and efficient deployment.

Wikipedia specs:

At 38 miles (60 km) long, It is the second longest of the Finger Lakes and has the largest volume, estimated at 4.2 trillion US gallons (16 km³), roughly half of the water in all the Finger Lakes. It has a maximum depth of 618 feet (188 m), and a mean depth of 291 feet (89 m). It has a surface area of 42,800 acres (171 km²).

It is fed by underground springs and replenished at a rate of 328,000 gallons (29,520 m³) per minute. These springs keep the water moving in a constant circular motion, giving it little chance to freeze over. Because of Seneca Lake's great depth, it remains a constant 39.2º F (4º C). During the summer months however, the top 10 to 15 feet (3-5 m) does warm up to a pleasant 70-80 degrees (21-26º C).

Seneca Lake was once home to a military training ground called Sampson Naval Base, primarily used during World War II. These resources are still used as a sonar testing base by the U.S. Navy, and there is still a nuclear Seawolf class submarine called the USS Seawolf (SSN 21) occasionally sighted in the lake as part of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) test facility, which also contains a Sonar Test Facility. The training grounds of the Sampson Naval Base have since been converted to a civilian picnic area called Sampson State Park.

Me Again:

Despite The sightings of submarines, the U.S. government still denies its existence reguardless of evidence. A teacher once told me "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, but you're told enough, it's a goose.
That same teacher told me that we was sailing on the lake and a patrol boat went up to him, the man said "Go Back" while brandishing his gun, and my graciously obliged.


-it was once a naval base
-civilians would be unable to find hidden subs
-it doesn't freeze
-one of it's drainage points is another lake, making it a very efficient
-submarines have been sighted
-naval patrol boats have been sighted

I'd Like to hear your thoughts and theories on the issue.


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and we care that they got subs down there why? there are bout a hundred nuclear class subs in atlantic waters with 12 triton nuclear missiles on board capable of carrying up to 10 warheads each that can be targeted to multiple destinations. more then enough to flatten and add a healthy glow to a hemisphere..


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As stated in the Wiki, it's used as a sonar test bed. And just who uses sonar more than a submarine? Why nobody!


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if they really have a submarine in there .....

all evidences speak clearly.. there is something in the lake which nobody should see...
Submarine was sighted...

what if we spin this a bit further?

Of course they got a submarine in there .. because the lake is deeper than recordet on wiki, depth is measured with a sonar ..

Sonar control / test center is there too.......

I think there is something else in the lake, something you just can reach with a submarine. Maybe extraterrestical liveforms in a UFO which stucked in the lake after a crash, or simply Nessie making a nice holiday in your beautifful US of A

nice theory.. i mean if they even step up to you on open whater, with a machine gun armed and are telling you to back off!
There must be something really really supersticious going on !


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nice theory.. i mean if they even step up to you on open whater, with a machine gun armed and are telling you to back off!
There must be something really really supersticious going on !

Or a sub was going to surface nearby soon and might fuck up you and your 25ft schooner pretty good.

I really don't care though. Maybe there would be a local unrest about active warheads in their state park. Seems reasonable to deny it existing if that's the case.


I think it does make sense to have a submarine in there. It's a perfect place to test all kind of gear without the chance of being interfered by some nosy

-A submarine does have a sound pattern, although weak. Engines, pumps and so on. It would be an advantage to have that sound removed by some hi tech gear. It would need a lot of testing.
-If there are stealth planes, it would rather be illogical not to search for a really stealthy submarine. A submarine with a skin that would absorb part of the pings of an active sonar.
-In Europe, submarines are developed with a "hybrid" propulsion (AIP)*.
These are extremely silent. It's only logic the US Navy would be researching the same technology.
US nuclear subs are considered as "fair ground organs" compared with European super silent conventional submarines. That's causing a serious headache to the US Navy HQ.

* Air Independent Propulsion

RedOctober, ex Dutch Navy. :D


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They are using the lakes and underground tunnels to traffic children to and from Canada. Human trafficking is huge in that area. Hunter Biden even got the tattoo of the finger lakes on his back. Just look up Hunter Finger Lakes.


I want to delete your post so bad because its not even a worth conspiracy theory contribution...and I want everyone to chuckle when they come check this out.

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