Gaming NBA Live 2005


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I fucking hate this game. It is absolutely horrible.

The game has a framerate of almost nil. All the motions are jerky. And then, to make it even stupider, they fucking slowed random parts down so that your entire tempo is thrown off any time you do a crossover, go up for a shot, or do anything that requires rapid motion.

And speaking of shooting, what a stupid system. Rather than have one button to shoot, there are two. One for a lay-up/dunk, and one (in a very awkward position) to do a regular shot. No matter what speed you're going or how far you are from the basket, you try to do a lay-up if you press what used to be "shoot" in NBA Live 2004. I'll end up trying to shoot a three-pointer and hear "And he blows the lay-up! What a clutch mistake!" What was wrong with the old system, where your distance from the basket and your speed determined it? It worked perfect for me. They changed the entire control system. Plus, the announcing sucks. They say the same thing over and over again, in annoying voices.

And, one last complaint. The graphics are absolutely HORRIBLE. Seriously, it looks like somebody's first game in flash.

Arrgh. What a waste of money. The only upside to buying this was that there was an extremely fine honey in the store. Dag. I'm still talking to my friend about her (on the phone). When we saw her, we were almost shitting ourselves.

So, yeah. Don't buy it. Fucking shit.


Banned - What an Asshat!

im a huge sports video game player and i have not gotten 05 or played it yet but from what ive heard it does suck an di also hear that madden 05 has few new things on the game - i say its better to pay 30 bucks less and get 2k5 (espn) thats prolly what ill do man ea sports has really taken a drop down this year i have madden 04 and nba live 04 they r pretty fun but i may go espn from now on atleast on b ball but madden is still #1