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Noobs, if you're unfamiliar with this term, let me explain it to you. Necroposting occurs when you take a thread that nobody looks at anymore, and you post in it, bumping it to the top.

For example, let's say that I make a new thread, it gets posted in for a while, then it's forgotten about. Then, 5 months later, you post in it. That's necroposting.

Mods, please sticky this thread, since some of our newer members don't get the point.


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If the last post is more than 1 month old, do not touch it. That is necroposting. When a noob joins and hits new shows all the posts for the last decade. Please, do not do it.

And, I can't sticky this thread, Im not a mod in here. That is up to the mods of this forum.



Rei Ayanami00 said:
an exception to the rule then, perhaps?
Most of the Welcome Wagon threads wont apply to any exceptions.

In other forums here, any exceptions will be as such:

1. You really want to plant dicks down on the farm, and for some reason you can't find your way. Necroposting is the ticket.

2. If it's your thread.

3. If you can manage to post something relevant to the current topic in that thread, I may not pick you up and spit in your ass. And I don't mean, "OMG! I love anal!" try to pretend that you, whoever, have a brain. This doesn't mean post in a thread that's two years old, other than the "How did you find WTF?" and the like.

4. Even if you do bring back disco, or a dead topic with something worth posting, tread lightly. Any beat downs from necroposting will be up to that forum mod and/or of the site admins.



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Come on guys. There's certain forums where it should be okay. This shouldn't be such a black and white thing.

-If you're in the Welcome Wagon, don't bother bumping an old thread.
-If you're in Life Sucks, the person who was talking about their problem is most likely long gone or over the problem, so unless it's your own thread you're bumping, don't bother.
-If you're in the Issues, old news is not news. Don't bother.
-If in Fringe Theory and you have something worthwhile to add, then by all means go ahead and bump a thread.
-If in B&T, don't bother. Petty drama is not timeless.
-If you're in Chit Chat(or either of the two subforums), most of the threads there are probably bumpable, but make sure you have something to add.
-If in Burps and Bloopers, same as Chit Chat.
-If in the Games section(any part of it), feel free to revive a game. They can't be fun unless people are actually playing them.
-If in Entertainment Ave, once again make sure you have something worthwhile. A lot of those threads can be bumped.
-If in the Computer Chamber, depends on the thread. People talking about their computer problems threads don't need to be bumped at all. However, if it's about showing off your parts, feel free.
-If you're in the Writer's Block, I'm sure any writer would love to see their piece getting some attention no matter how old. Once again, feel free.
-ALL ADVICE ON BUMPING THREADS IS ONLY GOOD IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO ADD. However, this doesn't mean I think the thread should be closed if someone bumps a thread for no reason, because other people can still go in and add something meaningful to it.

Seeing you guys flip out about people bumping dead threads is fucking retarded in most cases. You bitch about the search feature, but people aren't allowed to "necropost"? Give me a fucking break.


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I'll add my 2¢ I guess.

Necro posting is NOT against the rules. It is annoying and frowned on by the regular posters. I admit, I don't like it in most cases, but I find it not to be such a big deal in others.

What's even more annoying though is you guys bitching about necro posting. You guys are obsessed about it. In some cases the thread is only a couple days old and you cry NECRO!!! It's silly.

For the most part, I agree with Lampy's post above.


Even though my opinion isnt worth shit on this im goin to post it anyway. I have to agree that Necroposting isn't that bad. As long as the post isn't complete and utter shit it's just bringing new opinions etc on the matter
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