need help with some legal jargon


Gimmie Pwnies
okay, so i'm sitting here, unsubscribing from my spam and I come across this:

Please note that we do not directly conduct email campaigns. Entry of your email will not stop email delivery from the publisher from which you received the original offer (i.e. you may still receive emails from this publisher, with offers other than our services). To opt out of receiving any email offers from the publisher, please follow the publisher's opt out instructions provided in the email.

If you choose to proceed below, your email will be compiled into a suppression file for future FREEgiftworld email campaigns. This suppression file list will be provided to all third parties providing email solicitations for our services. By entering your email, you authorize FREEgiftworld to provide this aggregate list to those third parties for the purpose of removing your email address from future FREEgiftworld offers via email. It may take up to 10 business days to take effect, and we will do our best to ensure that all publishers sending this offer will remove your email address prior to deployment.

Does this mean that if I unsubscribe, my e-mail will be SOLD??!? isn't that illegal? or is there something i missed?


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Yeah, what bnccoder said.

They're saying that if you do that, they'll basically put you on THEIR do not email list. However that doesn't mean the guy that's spamming you will put your email on his list. Basically you signed up with them, they sold your address and now they're telling you they will stop sending you crap but they can't promise the guy that bought the address will.

Lesson to learn here: you need two email accounts. One for people you like such as family and shit and a second for stupid ass mailing lists and shit. That way the one your family likes doesn't get spammed into oblivian when you sign up for