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need help writing a description


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Currently shadow writing for a working girl. She is someone I know and it's really clouding my ability to describe her. If any of you budding lyricists could have a shot at sexying-up this for me it would be greatly appreciated. She is the focal point of the book as it follows her life. But I can't get it without sounding like a fuck.

those who help will get acknowledged in the finished product!

"Aleesha was a tall, buxom brunette with long flowing mahogany hair. She had a flawless meditteranian skin tone and dimpled cheeks. Her eyes resembled dark chocolate."

See!? I just can't fucking do it. I should never write a romance novel. I've attached a photo for help.


That would depend on how attractive/sexy would you like to describe her as? Words have the power to make her a 1 or a 10, regardless of how she looks IRL.


She walked down the street like the queen of town and no matter how they tried no - one could put one foot in front of the other quite like she could. The movement made men watch. Like an athlete she was generally acknowledged of owning the gold medal for twitching her hips and holding her shoulders at the perfect angle to make sure everyone noticed her nipples rubbing happily against the silk beneath her blouse. Lips like the night, eyes without guilt and a smile that said "yes dear, I like sex. A lot!. What are you going to do about it?"

When she talked to you, you always heard your favorite song in her voice and when she turned to leave you felt your heart stretch to hold on to her. The magic she possessed those around her with came from inside her as much as out and it was near impossible not to watch her seemingly endless curves like sunrise over Moab from dead ahead sliding into the landscape of her profile - all hills and valleys and finally into the wild ocean that hid inside that dress. My god that dress!


Aleesha was a tall beautiful woman, her illuminating olive toned face was framed with shimmering chocolate brown hair.. her clear dark eyes were bordered with natural but feminine eyebrows, one often slightly raised inquisitively and beguilingly below a high and intelligent forehead

Mate don't use this material, just tell her I said it


Rove this is one date that you do not want to bring a helium filled condom bouquet to. Just play it cool and do not stare at her tits man.