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Need more advice. . .


Banned - What an Asshat!
My brother is being WAY more controlling as he gets older. . . As of now he's controlling like 5 kids! One of which is me, the others are a group of friends. He's so powerful now that he's 15 that he can kick any of our asses to the point that we can't do anything about it! I've stood up to him with no success. Plus none of my friends want to take part in my rebellion. They continue to let him abuse them. Telling what they can do and what they can't! I'm not sure two of these friends understand. Only one I can be sure knows. So he just leaves after he's seen my brother say like 5 controlling things. Or the going just gets rough. I talk to my friend about it. . . but he still doesn't tell my brother with me. . .

So anyway I don't know how to get this across to my brother! He's just to damn ignorant and powerhungry!

Advice please!


So just because he's 15 he thinks he's an all-powerful tough guy right? I give little kids like him swirlies at school.

You better start fighting and stop letting him bully you and push you around. It's part of having an older sibling.

You can try reasoning with him. This probably won't work because I know just the kind of person your brother is. As a last resort, try stabbing his eyes out with rusty forks. Tell everyone your pirate friend Rupert wanted you to do it. Then, they will stick you away in a nice quiet place and give you all the drugs you will ever need to be happy. Or you could just ignore him.


Click click boom
kung fu is so overrated. judo is where its at...that or old fashioned throw down street fighting. either way i dont care. AND THATS MY QUOTE BITCH!


Don't hang around your brother if he's acting like an ass. This isn't a real tought situation. All you gotta do is go to another friend's house.... That, or get new friends who are bigger than he is. You could even buy some temporary friends if you have an excess supply of lunch money. The possibilities are endless, but in short, your brother will be an ass, he is older, that is what older brothers do. So, learn to deal, run-away, get bigger friends, masturbate.


That's Illogical.
Take your revenge when he'll be asleep. Use either : pillow, or (if the bastard is a lot stronger than you) something very heavy. Problem solved.
He is 15? How old are you? I'd listen to brainwashmonkey on this one and get some bigger friends, then get them to smack the fuck outta him. Then he won't feel all high and mighty. Wheres the parents in this situation? :confused: If all else fails, hit the juice for a while then show him whos boss. Or run away is another idea.