Need Recommendations for WebHosting


Original Dicksman
After just of over a month of developing, my first demo is nearly ready for Beta-testing. Now I need to build a site from which testers and potential employers can download it. I'm probably going to write it in Perl (because it's my favorite scripting language). I've written online scripts before and worked with Apache, but they were part of existing domains. Now I need to build my own. However, my knowledge of Domain Hosting is lacking. (I'm mainly do C++ apps for native OS API's. Not much web stuff.) I've done a bit of research, but have no direct experience with building a site from the ground up.
I'm for a host that allows total source content control and facilities for Perl, mod-Perl, PHP etc..., not one that builds it for you. Does anyone have any recommendations (names of companies or URL's) for getting a site up? I've read many advertisements, but I want users' opinions not marketting pitches from the companies.


637 Awesome bulk plans, I'm currently running a few sites off their gold package. A+ - Never used them, but I've heard many good things about them. - They have really cheap plans, and offer a lot fo space. They have pretty good uptime as well, although they're no doubt overselling. Never had any probelms in the year I was with them though. Only bad thing, and the reason I left them, is they don't offer shell access.


0 has some of the best rates I have ever seen. I've used them before too and they are a great hosting company.

BTW, You may be better off using them only if you aren't expecting a very large amount of traffic.