need some advice please...


Hypertron said:
no shit...all she said was, "i should go before i say some things im gonna regret" thank god i won't see her for like 2 or 3 weeks...
Okay, she may be just super pissed off, but u did do the right thing. Yeah, she's mad. I would be too, but the fact that u didn't lie to her is so much more important and in a bit when she cools down she'll see that too. (At least she isn't around to castrate you. At least not for a couple weeks. :p)


How dare you!?
jeez dude thats pretty bad.. i wish i could help ya out. :-/
I hope you find it and it all works out..


Asshole of the Year
finally she cooled down...she said she isn't that mad she just a lil feaked out cuz the huricane is coming her way and she will be home alone for most of it. so yeah im not sure if i lost it or not, my teacher said she would clean the lab and look for it and give it to me if she finds it...i hope she dose, and when i get it im sending it to her so there isn't even the possibilty that i could loose it for a third time.


Hypertron said:
Ok my girlfriend gave me her favorite ring because she knows that i would never loose it. Well today in chemistry we were doing a lab and i took it off and put it in my pocket, so after in the next class i put my hand in my pocket to get it out and its not there and i just start freaking out. I go back in the lab after that class to see if its there and i coldn't find it and my teacher couldn't either. So what should i do, should i look for another one just like it and by it, or should i jus come clean and tell her. She wouldn't know for a few weeks because she lives in new orleans with her mom so i could probably find a new one before i see her again...what should i do???

well, youre great at lying to your mother. so, it shouldn't be too hard to lie to her. your girlfriend owns you dude.