Hella Constipated
Remember these bastards? You know, they guys who said their laptop chips have "Full OpenGL and Direct3D support," but they never wrote it into their drivers? I hate people like that. Slimy little bastards!

Well, I'm getting my laptop back today from a friend (Thinkpad 600E), and I think I finally found some accelerated drivers! Sony was widely known for "hacking" the Neomagic drivers so that Direct3D could work for ALL apps. I got it working with Forsaken, Freespace, and Unreal Tournament (Oddly enough UT has built in Neomagic support!), as well as the demo of Half-Life. Anything else, however, didn't work.

If anyone else has had problems with Neomagic, or better yet, if you got it to work, PLEASE RESPOND! Any other response would be appreciated, too.

Should've gotten a Toshiba with a Rage Pro (I really should have shopped around)...