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Nerd Rap: Ytcracker - Nerd Rap Entertainment System


This is a friend of mine from another forum I post on, I think I posted a video of his here before. (If not, here's the link.) It's satirical hip hip, 'nerdcore;' it's actually pretty good. (or at least I liked it. ) If you're an MC Chris fan you'll probably like this.
ytcracker said:
i have just finished a solo album, nerdrap entertainment system. even if you hate my music or have never heard it before, i can 98% guarantee there will be SOMETHING on this album you will like. it's incredibly diverse and there are actually quite a few genmay-specific references that i'm sure you will enjoy.

all of the beats except dugdig and view source were produced by me and the obvious respective originals. the other two were done by silent john of the categoryFive/cobeach family.

please pass this link out and submit it wherever you like. - nerdrap entertainment



You had linked me to that in the past. I listened to it, it was really good. It was here at work though so I had no feasible way to get it home. :(