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Nerdy rant.


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*Note: the following is a complaint about school, I realise there are people who have much more depressing and serious problems but that doesn't mean I can not rant on about something that sucks. Thank you*

Sunday is national homework day, that's the way it has alwats worked with me and it has yet to fail me. So yesterday (being sunday) I began to dive into my hoemwork of the useual biology and such, then my friend tells me that our part one of the ISU for bio is due tomorrow! So i begin to freak out becuase i also have to study for my math test which was today (Monday) that i don't really understand or know much about bevuase i missed three days (which is alot for grade 11 University level) because of a drama feild trip, an away football game that I manage, and i was sick (probably because of being at football when it's cold out and being dumb enough to not have a thick enough sweater). So iin the end it took me two hours to complete the half assed bio project and i only studied for math for like an hour.
The next day (monday) i go to school really bitchy and grumpy due to lack of sleep and I'm still sick. I go to bio and my friend who is seriously addicted to coffee and doesn't really eat starts bitxhing about god knows what, so iI go and sit in the back of the class. Long crappy story short, only my firned and I did the bio part one of the ISU so everyone got an extra day (plus these two girls complained like no tomorrow whinning about how they had an english project due today and had no time to do it, and our teacher didnt remind them so it's "not fair") They don' get marks off, I get no bonus marks, and i lost two hours worth that i could have studied math for..which im 95% sure i failed today!!! GRRRRR and i couldn't study at lunch because i had a drama meeting I couldn't miss, and my plan B was to study during Travel but then someoine pulled the fire alarm and it took up most of the period, plus my travel class is full of dumb ass's so if I needed help, there would be no noe to help me! GRRRR.:eek:


I always hated it when teachers did that shit. Of course, I got suspended for 3 days for calling one teacher on it (they hate when you point out their shortcomings). Try talking to your counselor, I wouldn't let this shit get past. Why should people get cut slack for not paying attention when those that do don't get some sort of reward?


drunk with a jeep problem
la_dee_dah said:
*Note: the following is a complaint about school, I realise there are people who have much more depressing and serious problems but that doesn't mean I can not rant on about something that sucks. Thank you*

Sunday ...eddited... GRRRR.:eek:
This is why I didn't go to college. Good luck with the whole math thing.
You'll be allright:thumbsup:


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I would tell the teacher off, why should you suffer because you're the only one that followed instructions?


Modern Moses
If these teachers are such dipshits, don't do any of their work. That's what I did and I somehow managed to graduate high school.


Teachers are people too. I once caught a teacher smoking dope (the kind of thing you only picture happening in movies...) Anyway, most teacers are kool if u just treat them like everyone else.

As far as your story goes la_dee_dah, i just totally think you had a super bad day!


I'm just really nice.
Walk up to your bio teacher, slap him/her with a glove, and shout (with a southern accent) "I demand satisfaction!"


dumbass teachers

yeah, same shit has happened to me man. I pointed out to one teacher that I did some project that took me forever when they gave us an extra day and everyone was like HOORAY I DIDN'T EVEN DO IT..I didn't get shit for working my ass off either. I know how u feel man. It's bullshit that u didn't get any extra credit for that.


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That is out of order. Complain to your counciler and then your principal. If that doesn't work just complain to anyone who will listen. Unfortunatly this kind of shit happens to often.


There is still something wrong with this. If you go to a higher up for and complain that you busted your ass the night before to get this done while having to still study for a math exam, then you will look just as bad as them because you procrastinated and school administrators hate that shit. If you make like you had already had it done and it is unfair that they get extra time now, then they will tell you that you should then have had plenty of time to study for math and have no excuses. It sucks either way.


Gamer From Hell
yea, i feel your pain, but i say if it doesnt kill you, fuck it. unless your grades are on the line, i say just let it be and dont think about it. helps you ge tover it. BUT... if you have a borderline grade in that class (isu or whatever), i say you remind the teacher about what he/she did and tell them to give you the beter grade.