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Never Piss Off a Truck Driver

Discussion in 'Brain Droppings' started by Kitten225, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Kitten225

    Kitten225 Insanity driven

    This fine upstanding member of the infamous 18th Street LA gang decided one day that he would try to car-jack a semi truck at gun point .

    The gangster jumped up on the driver side, while the truck was in motion, and stuck a gun in the drivers face.

    The only problem was that the truck driver opened up the door and knocked the attempted thief off. He lost his balance and fell under the wheels of the truck, at which time the driver slammed on his brakes, resting on top of him and decided that this was the perfect time to whip out his Fuji Disposable camera... The driver was just 'detaining' him until the police arrived.
  2. kich

    kich the little spoon

    My dad used to be a trucker. I'll have to show him that.

    That's badass. I'm sorry, but if he tried to rob someone he had it coming.
  3. MaxPower

    MaxPower You're my number two Staff

    I suppose the truck driver also drew the movie style lines around the body. ...The way they only do in movies. I gotta call BS on this one.
  4. Kitten225

    Kitten225 Insanity driven

    I didn't think about that, I just assumed it was the police outline. Your may be right.

    But the third is still kind of a gross picture.
  5. Kiwi

    Kiwi Tal'chak'amel

    I just avoid seeing them in full...

    So yeah he kinda had it coming...

    *checks list* Not to agress a truck driver
  6. lomsy

    lomsy ಠ_ಠ

    The last one is way too real for it to be fake. But how did he end up underneath the passenger side wheel if it said he was pointing the gun from the driver side?
  7. DirtyBird

    DirtyBird Divides by Zero

  8. Rahlia-Indigo

    Rahlia-Indigo Cajun Shank

    Mmm... nothing like the smell of vehicular manslaughter in the morning.

    What an idiot.
  9. disturbed86

    disturbed86 FILOSAFUR

    That's why you don't try and stop a multi-ton truck with your shoulder. Duh.
  10. Canadian Pyro

    Canadian Pyro Well-Known Member

  11. zoloftcasserole

    zoloftcasserole Active Member

    What's with the crushed can and dollar bill in the third pic?
  12. Havok

    Havok Mr. Ee

    I wondered the same thing Zol. Maybe it's a respect thing from his gang. ONE CAN FO THA HOMIE.

    Zolly killed again.
  13. Kitten225

    Kitten225 Insanity driven

    Sorry about the inaccurate story, but he was still a stupid fuck.

    For the true story go to Snopes.

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