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Headlines New Draft


Was machen Sie?
i find it funny you even know/read will thomas' articles.
interesting noobs for a change?

i sincerely do not believe the draft to be advantageous in enabling us to fulfill our ambitions, as war is no longer won with sheer manpower. granted, it could be done but its unlikely to effective.

we should instead do like the swiss, the germans, and many other countries by making a tour of duty mandatory after high school and then some sort of continuation program to keep people up to date. its better to be prepared than to draft.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
There has been a proposed bill swirling around Congress on instituting a new draft for a while now. Apparently, I heard that both Bush and Kerry supported it.


nervous tic, dull knife
oh, naked christ, are we back on this shit again? I have heard nothing about a draft in the near or far future. I would like to think that if anyone would know it is the people in the military.