Headlines New pope bringing the end of the world?


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In an article i just read through yahoo....... aparently with the new pope taking the name of benedict which holds some meaning of olives, he is fulfilling the prophesy of the end of the world. aparently he is the 2nd to the last pope. once benedict is gone, the next pope will be the last before doomsday. here is the article on that.........
But ask Internet doomsayers eyeing a 12th century Catholic prophecy and they'll tell you it was all stitched up more than eight centuries ago and that judgment day is nigh.

The prophecy -- widely dismissed by scholars as a hoax -- is attributed to St. Malachy, an Irish archbishop recognized by members of the Church for his ability to read the future.

Benedict, believers say, fits the description of the second-to-last pope listed under the prophecy before the Last Judgement, when the bible says God separates the wicked from the righteous at the end of time.

"The Old Testament states: 'believe his prophets and you will prosper' -- so believe it. We are close to the return of the Judge of the nations. Christ is coming," wrote one Internet post by the Rev. Pat Reynolds.

"Thank God for the witness of St. Malachy."

St. Malachy was said to have had a vision during a trip to Rome around 1139 of the remaining 112 Popes. The new pope would be number 111 on that list, and is described in a text attributed to St. Malachy as the "Glory of the Olive."

To connect Benedict, a pale, bookish German, to anything olive takes some imagination. But Malachy-watchers point to the choice of the name Benedict -- an allusion to the Order of Saint Benedict, a branch of which is known as the Olivetans.

"When (he) chose the name Benedict XVI, this was seen as fulfilling the prophecy for this pope," wrote one entry on www.wikipedia.org.

Benedict said that he chose the name partly in honor of Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922), calling him a "courageous prophet of peace." On Wednesday, Benedict dedicated his papacy to "the service of reconciliation and harmony between peoples."

"Perhaps Benedict XVI will be a peacemaker in the Church or in the world, and thus carry the olive branch," speculated www.catholic-pages.com.

Another site, www.bibleprobe.com, went even further, showing a picture of Benedict holding olive branches in March during Palm Sunday celebrations.

"Is this the Pope of Peace (olive)?" it asked in the caption.

Critics widely dismiss the Malachy prophecy as a forgery and possible propaganda meant to influence a 16th century conclave. Doses of skepticism even appear on the most energetic Malachy web pages.

But believers point out similarities between the prophecy's descriptions and past pontificates. Pope John Paul II, number 110, was described in the prophecy as "de labore solis" -- or "of the labor of the sun."

He was born on May 18, 1920, the same day as a solar eclipse. The pontiff was buried on April 8, 2005 -- the same day as a partial eclipse, visible in the Americas.

More pressing for doomsayers are the prophecy's references to the last Pope on the list, Peter the Roman, who will lead the Church before "the formidable judge will judge his people."

Since Benedict is already 78 years old, they say Peter the Roman must be coming soon, and with him, the end of the world.

Sorry it's so long. but had to put it in for all to get this info......... not saying that i believe it all, but it does make you think..... i am just wondering what the rest of you think about this and how you feel.....


Wow couldn't even read half of that but the new pope looks a hell of a lot like Seantor/Emperor Palavitine.


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yeah......... there is a pic of him on madmaxmorningshow.com next to darth sidious from star wars and it looks just like him!


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holy shit!

holy shazz dude the world is coming to an end kids havin kids babys makin babys idono what the world will come to in 20 years. The youth of the nations gone mad and americas turmning into the stupidest country and all this pope shit might actuall happen with aids and diseases and all. I meAN THE HUMAN RACE HASNT BENN AROUND FOR LONG AND IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT MIGHT BE THE END... :eek:


I think that religious nuts will start wearing storm trooper army and try to take over the world by cloning themselves. Or I could be completely wrong.


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I guess the Cardinals got all psyched about Star Wars Episode III when they saw Sidious slinging the lightsaber. It must influenced their vote for the new pope.

Here's what I think happended in the Vatican:
Cardinal 1: Okay, I don't feel like staying in here all week, let's get this election taken care of. Who's gonna be the new pope?
Cardinal 2: Hell, I dunno know. We've been deadlocked on the vote since we started. A shitload of Catholics think we should elect a South American because they largest Catholic population in the world. Another group wants a black man, because we've never had one before. We don't want to appear to Euro-centric.
Cardinal 1: And don't forget policy. Because of archaic ultra conservative rules, we're loosing members left and right to more progressive sects of Christianity. We need someone willing to move us forward.
Cardinal Ratzinger:Piss on the homosexuals! I will damn them to hell!! Cardinal 1, God is tired of your liberal blathering! Birth control? Women priests? Are you all insane? What do you think this is? A progressive democracy? Fuck no! This is the church! Every single --
Cardinal 3: DUDE!!! Yall missed the Episode III trailer! That shit was sweet. Darth Sidious looks bad as a mutha fucka! Check it out, I downloaded it.

A few minutes later...

Cardinal 2: That was sweet.
Cardinal 1: You know, Joseph here bears a disturbing resemblance to the Emperor.
Cardinal 3: WTF!?!? You're right! Hey Joseph, put the Excommunication robes on and do like this.
Cardinal 2: Holy Shit!! Joseph does look just like Darth Sidious.
Cardinal 3: Hey, I'll bet if Cardinal Ratzinger goes to the midnight showing as Darth Sidious he'll get in free.
Cardinal 1: Shit yeah. We could get go as the Emporer's Royal guard. I bet we'll get in free too
Cardinal Ratzinger: Well fuck it! If I'm going get all you assholes free tickets to the new Star Wars, then I will be the new pope!
Cardinal 2: Sure, why not.
Cardinal 1: Sounds fair.

The next morning, Cardinal Ratzinger becomes the new pope.


He was in Hitlers army and I got kicked out of clas for calling him a "fuckin Nazi". Iheard that somewhere about him being the second to last pope, but my town said that if the people post shit on the end of times they will fine you for littering. I thinl that's kinda cool seeing they had to take down 100+ signs saying the world would end in '92.


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yeah he was in the "Hitler Youth" but what kid his age back then wasn't... I don't think Hitler allowed anyone to be a "conscientious objector"



People for years, years, and more years have been coming up with crazy ideas about judgement day. It seems as if there is no end and most likely that isnt. The way i c it is that some people read the bible( and or holy books of other religions) too much, wether it be forced by parents or just an interest for that specific subject. Think of it like staring at an abstract drawing or sculpture too long. After so long u form an opinion about what it is and what its meaning is. Same goes for people who read something too much such as a holy book. You read a passage and form an opinion. Now when some "leader" ,wether it be a family or community leader or just some "kind" of leader, reads such a thing and forms such and opinion, it will eventually "rub" off ,per say, upon those who look up and idolize that individul. Again, this is my opinion and object all you want if u dont agree, but the least i'll do is consider your thoughts.


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I wish this Judgement Day would just get it the Fuck over with already!

I'm tired of being teased, just do it or not, don't tease!


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He probably volunteered for it.
Well i dunno. Forced,volunteered any way hese still a Nazi. :thumbsdn: