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New Story-A World Apart

The Plea- "Ghost Girl"​


A little girl of the age five sat in the center of a sandbox entertaining herself by digging a hole to bury her barbie doll. Dark hair that shone in the sunlight with the colors of a rainbow framed an eerily pale face set with oak leaf colored eyes. She wore a red t-shirt with Mickey Mouse emblazoned on the front and blue jeans over her white Osh Kosh B'Gosh tennis shoes. She was singing a nonsensical song with the delight typical of children.

She did not mind the fact that she was alone. She had quickly become used to the other kids staying away from her. She wasn't even bothered whenever one of the other kids would call her "Ghost Girl." Her mother had always told her that if she ignored them they would go away. so far today it had been working.

A shadow fell cross the hole she was digging. She looked up, smiling in a friendly manner. A pudgy boy with four of his friends standing a few feet behind him was standing next to the sandbox's edge. Her friendly smile fades as she saw the look of trouble in his eyes. His wolfish grin broadened, sending chills of foreboding down her back. "Hey, Ghost Girl. Wanna play a game?"

"What kind of game?" she asked warily.

"The kind of game where we hit you to see if our fists go through you."

The girl didn't need anymore warning than that. She dashed to her feet and bolted as quickly as her little legs could carry her. She could hear their shouts and laughter as they chased her past the jungle gym and swings. Her chest ehaved, and her heair whipped straight back. Her cheeks were flushed, and she could feel her heart pounding violently. Something, some strange pressure was building slowly in the pit of her stomach. She did not know what the feeling was, but some instinct told her it should not be released. She got the feeling, however, that she wouldn't be able to stop it as the pressure grew steadily stronger.

Suddenly, she ran into a dead end. She turned, eyes desperately seeking an escape route. She stood with a chainlink fence to her back and two houses to either side of her. She had unkowingly run into a trap. The five bullies closed in on her, cutting off her last exit. She backed against the fence, trying to put as much distance between herself and them as possible. They advanced on her slowly, grinning those wolfish, hungry smiles of theirs. The pressure was growing even faster now, coinciding with her growing fear. She tried to hold onto it with all of her will, but she could feel it straining at the edges of her control. Then the leader punched her in the stomach. As the wind went out of her, so did the pressure.

White light exploded outward from her small form. The chainlink fence was disintegrated instantly. The five bullies were thrown backwards several yards, where they lay motionless. The light slowly faded back into the girl's body. She swayed and then fainted from a sudden swell of fatigue.

Across town in a white house with blue shutters a man felt a chill run down his spine. He sat up straighter in his chair. "Already?" he wondered aloud.

He had been expecting this feeling, if not so soon. As sirens wailed in the distance, he picked up the phone and hit two numbers. He listened for a moment before speaking into the phone. "Give me Nathan." He waited for another minute and then spoke two words, "She's awake."


After three more attacks with ten more children being put into the emergency room the girl's parents decided to homeschool her. The neighbors would eye her warily and pull their children closer to them whenever she walked past them. She was just as frightened as the neighbors and tried to stay in the house as much as possible.

Her parents did not understand it either, but her father began teaching her how to control her temper. There always seemed to be some hidden knowledge deep within his eyes.

One day while her parents were away shopping she called her only friend Jack to ask him to come play at her house. When the two of them went outside she suddenly stopped with an odd expression on her face. "What is it, Brook?" Jack asked.

"I don't know. I have this wierd feeling. . . I can't explain it. It's almost like an itch I can't scratch, except this feeling is inside me."

After a moment she shrugged it off, and they continued towards the back of the house. They played hide-and-seek and other children's games unti dusk when Brook's mother called them in for dinner. The entire time they were out there the feeling did not leave Brook. As she went inside she ooked around one more time, not really knowing what it was she was looking for but hoping for some sort of clue.

In the shadows of the trees behind Brook's house a seemingly young looking man pulled back further behind one of the trees as Brook's gaze swept past him. When the door closed he turned to leave. It would be up to him to keep an eye on her now. Keep her safe, Nitaro. She's our only hope.

I will


Brook, now 16, was on cloud nine. The new guy in town had asked her out on a date. Michael Morelli was the definition of cool in every teenager's eyes. He drove a motorcycle, wore a black leather jacket and sunglasses all the time, and he had a way with the ladies. Every girl wanted a chance to date him, and every guy wanted a chance to kill him.

Then, he heard the stories of the "Loner Ghost Girl," and for some reason no one could fathom he became obsessed with finding her. One of the guys from the high school brought him to her hosue, hoping this would make him leave his girlfriend alone.

When the two were introduced Michael bent and kissed her hand. Brook was charmed. Before she knew what was happening she had agreed to a date that Friday night. Now, Friday had come, and she was desparately searching through her closet, not satisfied with any of the clothes she owned. Suddenly, in the middle of her frenzied search a cool thought occurred to her. What if he doesn't come? What if this is all just a joke?

The thought made her freeze. Had it all been a joke? It would make sense. Why would anyone want a date with the town freak? And the fact that Brent was the one who introduced them made her even more suspicious. Was thsi supposed to be revenge for putting him in the hospital when they were five? The doctors and all the parents had told her parents the kids had developed amnesia that blotted out the memories of her "attacks." That had been the reason no one pinned anything on her. In fact, the children who had ended up in the hospital were punished for picking on her. She had a sneaking suspicion her father had something to do with that, as he always came away from the meetings with the other parents with a small smile on his face that she did not understand.

But, could Brent have remembered despite the parents' reassurances? If the children really did remember they would want revenge. I won't take that chance. I'll just keep wearing what I am. And when he doesn't show I'll go out into town to the local hangout with Jack just to show them I didn't fall for their stupid prank.

Out of nowhere, that feeling of "that itch inside" returned full force. She had not felt it since that time when she was ten going outside to pplay with Jack. To describe it now she would say it felt like a pice of her was missing, but she could sense or feel it close by. It was as bizarre to her now as it had been at ten. Downstairs, the doorbell rang.

Brook tried to calm her heart, which had leapt into her throat. It's not him. See? Listen to how Father talks to the visitor as if he's an old friend. Calm down, Girl, and stop acting so foolishly, she chided herself.

"Brook?" her father called. "Could you come down here, please? There's someone I'd like you to meet."

"Coming!" she called back, hurriedly throwing the extra blouses back onto their hangers and into the closet.

She joined her father and his guest in the living room a minute later. when she locked eyes with the stranger she felt a jolt and felt as if she had found the source of "that itch inside." He appeared to be her age, maybe a year or two older. He had a pale face with high, prominent cheek bones, dark eyes, ans short, wavy, dark brown, nearly black, hair. His eyes . . . now, they were what caught her attention and held it. She had a strange sensation of passing through a millenia looking into those eyes. His black shirt clung to his broad chest, showing off his tight abdomen nicely. His blue jeans had to be snug-fit with the way they hugged his hips and legs. His feet were covered by black combat boots, which Brook found an odd choice but dismissed it.

What he saw was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. The women from his home were beatiful, but this woman made them all look plain comparitavely. He felt a strange twinge at his center when he looked into her black eyes. Her raven colored hair was half up in a clip with the bottom half hanging down past her shoulder blades. She was tall and graceful, her shapely long legs were shown off nicely by her black skirt that was hanging down to her knees. She wore a rose red sleeveless shirt with it. She had a casual air about her, but there was a layer of cracling electricity beneath that exterior. Nathan Kaashaan, cool headed man that he was, fell hook, line and sinker that moment for a girl that was forbidden to him without even recognizing it.

"Brook, this is Nathan. Nathan, this is my oldest daughter, Brook. you met Jade outside, of course," Brook's father introduced them, looking at his oldest with fondness.

"Nice to meet you, Nathan," she said, her voice music to his ears.

"And you as well," he said, bowing to her.

She smiled. "And they say chivalry's dead," she murmured, eliciting a chuckle from her father.

"Weren't you going out tonight, Sweetheart?"

Her gaze darkened slightly. "He probably won't show up."

Just as she said that the doorbell rang again. Her father excused himself to go answer it. Brook sat on one of the couches and invited Nathan to sit as well, but he opted to remain standing. "Where do you go to school, Nathan?" she asked, curious.

He hesitated for a split second. "I'm . . . homeschooled I guess you would call it."

She brightened. "Really? I am too!" Her gaze darkened again immediately as if remembering why she had to be homeschooled.

Her father returned wiht a slight worried frown. A young man followed closely behind, dressed in a similar fashion to Nathan with an additionof a black leather jacket. As soon as the young man stepped into the room Nathan's mood darkened. There was something off about this guy. He could not quite put his finger on what was wrong, but he knew something was.

"Hello, Michael," Brook greeted the newcomer, getting to her feet.

Michael bowed over her hand and kissed it. "You look great! Ready to go?"

"Sure!" She kissed her father on the cheek. "Bye, Dad! We'll be back by ten, I promise."

"I promise too," Michael chimed in.

"Okay. Brook, may I speak with you for a second before you go?"

"Of course. I'll be right there, Michael."

He shrugged and went outside. Nathan looked through the window and saw him standing next to a motorcycle, smoking a cigarette. He tried to shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen. "Yes, Dad?" Brook was saying behind him.

"Be careful with this one, Brook. I don't like the feel of him," her father said, voice full of concern.

Brook laughed. "Oh, Dad, you always worry so much. Relax! I'll be careful, I promise."

"Okay. I love you, Daughter," he said and kissed her forehead.

"Love you too!" she said and practically danced out the front door.

Nathan continued to watch out the front window. He saw her say something to Michael, a disgusted look on her face. He quickly put out the cigarette and said something, face apologetic.

Brook's father joined Nathan at the window. "Be careful, Nathan," he warned.

"About what?" Nathan asked.

"I saw the look in your eyes when you saw her. Don't let the Elders get wind of your feelings or you'll be sent to The Desert for the rest of eternity."

Nathan arched an eyebrow. "You're not telling me to free myself of these feelings?"

He shook his head. "No, I would be a hypocrite if I did. I don't regret marrying Marie and having Brook and Jade. If somehow I get caught I'll accept the punishment without remorse for my crime. I love Marie, and I don't regret that one bit. If you decide to give in to your feelings you had better be damn sure you believe the gain outweighs the cost. Otherwise, you'll get the punishment without any source of reconciliation." The older man's gaze took on a faraway look. "We were wrong about them, Nathan, so very wrong. The Elders have no idea what the reality is here."

Nathan gasped. "That's blasphemy, Vrakshaan!"

He looked grim. "Don't use that title here. Yes, I know what it is, Nathan. It doesn't matter anymore." He sighed heavily. "I have a feeling my time here is almost over, Nathan. When I first saw that boy I saw my end here."

"What is he, Sir?"

"He's human, but he's got their taint from the olden days. Keep an eye on her when I can't. I want you to come over every day. Take her out, get her to trust you. When my time is up you will have to take over her training. You will be the one responsible for telling her the truth."

"That is a heavy burden, Sir."

The other man's gaze snapped onto Nathan. "Are you suggesting you can't handle it, Laeshaan?"

Nathan stiffened. He bowed. "It would be an honor to accept this duty, Sir."

The older man nodded once. The two fell silent, staring out the window.
So it continues....


It had been a joke alright, but not the laughing kind. It had been the cruel kind that led to great losses. Michael had separated her completely from her family. As soon as he had her moved out of her own home into his apartment the beatings began.

She was one of the lucky ones. She managed to marshal her bravery and leave after only a year of beating. That year felt like a lifetime. She showed up on the front doorstep of her home one rainy day sporting a black eye and three ribs that were on the mend. Tears rolled down her cheeks, mingling with the rain. No one was home at the time. She stood on tiptoe to reach for the spare key. It wasn't there. "Brook?" a voice asked behind her.

She whirled and saw Nathan standing a few feet away fromt he front step, hair matted with rainwater. His gaze was filled with concern that changed to a boiling rage when he saw the black eye. "What did he do to you?"

She couldn't speak but burst into fresh torrents of tears instead. He covered the last few feet between them in one step, and she collapsed into his arms. They stood that way for a long time until her family came home. When they saw her they raced to her, overjoyed at her return. Her father noticed the black eye first, and his face darkened. Suddenly the storm was in his face.

Her mother fussed over her and hustled her inside, her sister followed closely, clutching Brook's hand as if she never wanted to let go for fear the older one would disappear again. The father stayed back with Nathan, storm still raging in his eyes. "I should have said more. I could have stopped her from going with him. I could have prevented all this."

Nathan shook his head. "How could you have stopped this? It was her choice in the end. If you had pushed harder for her to stay she would have wanted to go all the more. Trust me, there was nothing more you could do than what you did."

The father's hands clenched. "I'll make him pay for what he's done to my daughter."

Nathan observed this thoughtfully. "He will pay one day. For now, leave the matter to the police," he said and led the older man inside.

Brook's father nodded at the logic of the younger one's words. The two of them went in to call the police and comfort Brook.


Brook and Jade stood over the two graves, silent tears pouring down the younger one's cheeks. Brook was no longer crying, but the stains of the former outburst were still fresh on her cheeks. She held her younger sister tightly to her hip. Questions and guilt built on each other. Jack squeezed her shoulder sympathetically. She gave him a small, weak smile of gratitude and returned her gaze to the coffins being lowered into the ground.

When the boxes rested in their separate holes the sisters threw roses on each one. As the eulogy was said Brook prayed silently that her parents would forgive her for bringing that horror intot heir lives. When the burial was complete Jack led Jade away to his car. The cemetary emptied except for Brook still standing by the graves. She glanced again at the tombstones which read, "Marie and Victor Thomas: Loving parents and strong leaders. May their souls find peace in Heaven."

Brook knelt, unaware of the fact that she was getting dirt on her new black dress, and placed a hand on each tombstone. Fresh tears sprang to her eyes. "I'm so sorry," she whispered in a ragged voice. "I should have heeded your warnings, Father. That fear at the back of your eyes ever since you met him . . . I should not have ignored it. It's all my fault you're both dead."

She cried for a long time. Finally, she wiped away the residue of her tears and stood. She stared blankly at the dirt clinging to the bottome of her dress. At last she shook it off and turned to leave. Nathan stood a few feet away, watching her. He said not a word, just opened his arms to her as he had that day she had returned home after her year away. She did not cry this time but instead just stood in his embrace, absorbing his strength. For a long time nothing was said.

As they walked out of the cemetary Brook said, "Our lawyer said I might have a good chance of winning custody of Jade since I'm 19 and have a steady job."

Nathan said nothing, but Brook did not really expect him to. He always seemed to know when she needed words and when she just needed quiet support. She continued, "I'm glad to hear it, of course, but I wonder if it's what is best for her."

"She is very attached to you," Nathan said noncommitedly.

"I know, and sometimes that worries me. It can't be healthy for her to be that attached to me. Still, if she loses me. . ."

"It might damage her psyche," he finished for her.

Brook nodded. "Sometimes I wish someone could just come along and tell me all the answers because I'm not understanding what I should do. On the other hand, I know that's not possible, and I need to learn to handle these things on my own now."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm probably going to drop out of college if I win custody of Jade."

"Why? Can't Jack take care of her while you're in classes? If he can't I can. There's no reason to give up your dreams just because you have to take care of her. You're not in this alone, Brook. You've got two people who are more than willing to help you. Besides, I like Jade and wouldn't mind her company."

Brook thought about it. "That could work. It might even help me win the case. You two would be the steady male role models the courts might insist she have. My lawyer said the court soemtimes frowns on a lack of a solid male role model."

"Have you told Jade about all this?"

"Yes, she understands in her own way, and she insists that she wants to stay with me. The court won't really take the opinion of a ten-year-old into too much consideration, though."


Nothing more could be said, so he put an arm around her shoulders and led her the rest of the way out of the cemetary to her car.


Paid, Laid & Made
this is really good! i like reading this!
Glad to hear it. I've been on a roll so far with the story this time, so more should be up in the next day or two.
A brief continuation

The Plea-Nathan​

Brook had come a long way since her parents' deaths. Michael was caught and thrown in jail again for a longer sentence. I stood at the outer edge of the courtroom as Brook, Jack and Jade listened to his verdict being read. I knew Brook would pretend to be satisfied with the punishment the court gave, but deep down the fear would still linger. I grinded my teeth uselessly. There was nothing I could do to make that fear that always nestled in the back of her eyes disappear.

I pulled into the shadows as the courtroom emptied but immediately stepped out of them as soon as most of the people were gone. It would not do to give Brook a heart attack. She was liable to jump at anything that surprised her even the slightest bit ever since Michael murdered her parents.

Brook saw me and smiled. I studied her silently, nodding briefly at jack and Jade, now seventeen and living on her own with court permission. Brook's face was slightly paler than normal, and her mouth had a grim tightness around the edges. jack andJade were walking out in front, so I stepped up beside Brook and squeezed her arm slightly before dropping my hand to my side. I walked beside her, waiting for her to be ready to talk.

When we got outside into the sunlight without a word being spoken she turned to me and studied me. I returned her look calmly. "How do you always know?" she asked me.

"You tell me," I said simply, not needing to be told what it was I was always supposed to know.

"But, I don't say anything."

"Not with words, true, but you tell me nonetheless."

"I'm going to ask you a personal question if that's okay?"

"I'll answer if I can."

"Are you gay?"

I stared at her for a moment before bursting into a fit of laughter. When I regained control of myself I said, "No, definitely not."

Brook looked relieved. "Oh. I was just wondering because the only other guy I know who is that perceptive is Jack, and he is gay."

"I'm not your average human guy," I said wryly and thought, And you have no idea just how true that statement is.

"That's for sure. I'd like to visit my parents. Would you mind driving me? I don't think I'm in the proper state to handle a car right now."

"Of course."

I opened the passenger door to her blue Audi after she tossed me the keys. The drive to the cemetary was silent. I waited in the car as she knelt at the graves of her parents. Watching her, I thought, I'm doing my best to do what you asked of me, Vrakshaan. I don't know how I'm going to tell her the truth, though. Why do I have to be the one to ruin her just budding happiness? She's now getting comfortable with the fact that she doesn't have you here to rely on at every turn. That fear in the back of her eyes is still there, yes, but already I can see that it will finally start to abate soon.

I slammed my fist against the steering wheel, frustrated. Damnit! It's not fair to do this to her! I put my forehead against the steering wheel and tried to calm myself. You've been here too long, Nathan. You're starting to think human thoughts.

I sighed as Brook stood up and turned to the car, knowing that I had to tell her the truth and soon. If I'm here too much longer I'll become one of them, and that's one thing we cannot afford.

Brook stopped halfway to the car and stood looking off into the distance, seeming to be listening to something. Odd, I thought and started to unbuckle my seatbelt. Brook started to move again, but this times he walked to the right, still listening to some mysterious sound. I stretched out my senses, trying to get some feel for what she was hearing. "Shit!" I cursed as I found what, or rather who, was calling to her.

I bolted out of the car and raced over to Brook who was already halfway tohim. I managed to catch her by throwing myself on her and tackling her to the ground. "Ow! What on Earth are you doing, Nathan?" she demanded from below me in, I was relieved to hear, her own voice.

"Stay down!" I ordered and scrambled to my feet, gun drawn.

I moved towards the shadows, gun raised. I heard a low chuckle followed by by a murmured, "Soon, Valsharan," and then the presence was gone. I waited for a few minutes to see if he would return before putting the gun back in my waistband and turning to face Brook who was getting to her feet looking troubled. "Are you okay?" I asked.

She stared at me. "I was just knocked to the ground after being hypnotized, how would you feel?"

I grimaced. "Well, the guy who hypnotized you is gone."

"He'll be back," she said sadly as she brushed herself off.

"How do you know that?" I asked suspicously.

She didn't answer me but instead headed for the car. She got in it before I could get there, so I went straight to the driver's side. Most of the drive home was silent and tense as if she was conflicted over something. Finally, she said, "Do you ever wish your life was different?"

I sensed she wanted honesty, so I said, "Sometimes."

"What would you change if you could?"

I thought about it. "I would be born here, so I could meet you sooner."

She smiled slightly and reached over to squeeze my hand. If the Elders knew about this . . . I thought but then cut it off quickly. They're not going to find out. "What would you change?" I asked to distract myself.

"I wouldn't have these powers," she answered with hesitation.

"Powers?" I asked casually.

Quietly, with her forehead against the window she told me the story of her childhood experiences of hurting the kids at school. "I can't help but feel that if I didn't have these powers then I would still have my mother and father alive."

I knew this was the perfect time to tell her the truth. "If not for your father you wouldn't have the powers," I told her.

I could see her face turn towards me otu of the corner of my eye. "What do you mean?"

I sighed and tightened my grip on the steering wheel. I wish you were here to tell this, Vrakshaan. "You got your gift from your father. I'd rather not tell anymore until we reach your house."

She snorted. "A 'gift,' right. All I do is hurt people with it."
A little more while I have the time..

"Only because you haven't been taught control yet. Your father tried to teach you as much as he could without telling you about your power by teaching you to control your temper. Those lessons were meant to give you enough control that you wouldn't have anymore outbursts."

"My father. . .my father knew what was happening. He knew and didn't tell me?" Brook demanded, outraged. "He saw what I was going through! How could he not tell me? How could he not help me understand?"

"Because you wouldn't have understood. By the time you were old enough to understand what was happening it was too late. Part of it also was that he didn't want to ruin your life. You had become content with your life of being homeschooled, and he did not want to disrupt your life again with reminders of such horrible times. Call it human weakness if you like. Now, I really believe the rest of this conversation should wait until we reach your house."

Brook brooded in the passenger seat until we reached her house. When we got there I saw six people standing on her front doorstep that made my heart sink. "Wait here," I said. "I know these people."

I got out of the car and went to meet Isaac, who had stepped away from the rest. "Dei Eldren farnain ti, Nathan," he greeted me.

"Alan mitchi varheill," I returned. "Now, I think it best we speak in the human tongue as long as we're here or around a human."

Isaac curled his upper lip. "Conforming to humans? Very well, if we must."

"What news of the war?" I asked.

"That's why we're here. The Elders say time is running out for us. Training of the Niasharin needs to begin very soon. The Elders said to tell you to bring her to Kyron for her training."

"She doesn't even know what she is yet. I was going to tell her when we got inside. She might not even agree to help us. Tell the Elders I need more time."

Isaac studied me for a minute, eyes cold and unreadable. "It has been 21 years since her awakening, yes?"

"Yes," I said, barely managing to keep the defensive tone out of my voice.

"Perhaps the Elders' fears have come true. Perhaps being on Earth has made you soft, Nathaniel."

I went rigid. When next I spoke ice had crept into my voice. "That's some accusation, Tailan. I'm not sure I like the sound of it. Jordan!" I snapped.

The blond stepped forward quickly. "Yes, Sir?"

"Make sure Tailan Isaac makes a visit to Vrakshaan Tybalt when you all return home," I ordered, staring Isaac down.

I saw Isaac's jaw clench as Jordan replied, "Yes, Sir!"

"Perhaps after a visit with him you will see how soft I have become. Now, leave the way you came. I'll handle this."

I watched them file down the street and disappear around the corner before motioning to Brook to come inside the house. As she walked past me and into the house she said, "I take it they weren't good visitors by the look on your face."

"It was good to see them in one way and bad in another. It was nice to see some people from home, but their reason for coming was not so good."

"I see."

I handed her her keys and went towards the kitchen in the back of the house, calling over my shoulder, "I'm going to make you some tea, okay?"

Her voice floated to me from the living room, "That's fine."

While I was making the tea I tried not to think of how comfortable I had become in Brook's home. But really, what's so bad about that? I'e come here often enough. I should be comfortable here. Then the other half of me argued, It's bad because she's human. Not only that, she's the Niasharin. Both are forbidden to me.

I heard faint sounds in the living room and knew that Brook had turned on some music, probably Metallica based on her mood. Suddenly, a memory of when we first met intruded on my thoughts. I stood frozen with a mug in my hands, lost in the memory of seeing her walk down the stairs that first day. I've loved her from that moment without knowing what love was. From the moment I saw you, Brook, I fell hard. Did you know? Your father did. He warned me of the danger but only told me to be careful. I remember he didn't tell me to rid myself of the feelings because it would make him a hypocrite. But was the real reason because he wanted me to love you? Is my love worth the risk?

I thought about that as I filled a mug and brought it to the living room. I stood in the entrance of the room and watched her bend over her CD collection, black hair hanging down, hiding her face. The black jacket she had been wearing was now discarded on the couch. The top two buttons of her white blouse had been unbuttoned, revealing the gold cross around her neck. Her skin, so pale, almost alabaster in color, had a softness about it and almost seemed to glow with an ethereal beauty as she swept her hair back behind her ear with one hand. I couldn't see her eyes, but I knew they would be free of anxiety now. She was home, the only place she ever felt completely safe, and Michael was once again behind bars. The music had changed to the haunting melodies of Nightwish, a definite sign that she was calmer. She turned slightly, noticing me at last. Her immediate, bright smile had no vestige of fear. As I handed her the mug I thought, Yes, it's worth it. Seeing her face like this, so much more at peace, it's worth any punishment I receive just to know that what I've done has brought her some measure of peace. Aloud, I said, "We need to talk."
tiger_86 said:
The phone rang, startling me out of my reverie. "Hello?"

"Morning, Brook. It's good to hear your voice. I heard an explosion from the direction of your house last night and then couldn't get a hold of you. I was worried that you'd had another incident," Jack said.

"I did. I ended up passing out. That's probably why you couldn't get a hold of me. Why didn't you come over?"

"I tried. Something just outside of your house stopped me from reaching the door."
That's it? Fucking tease!

(J/K ;) )

Post some more already.
Taylor_Blade said:
That's it? Fucking tease!

(J/K ;) )

Post some more already.
I'm sorry. :( I got cut off by some friends. More's coming soon. Tonight's going to involve some alcohol, though, so I'm not going to be able to post anymore tonight.
After a long wait, a little bit more...

The Plea-Brook​

Nathan handed me a mug and said, "We need to talk."

I sighed, knowing my momentary peace was about to be shattered once more. "I suppose we do. What do you know about . . .what I can do?"

"Other than the fact that you are the last human who can do it? Plenty. However, it won't be as easy to explain as you think. there are some things about your heritage that you don't know, things that will help you understand how you got your powers. After I tell you the truth you might hate me, so I warn you now that you probably won't like what I'm about to tell you."

I arched one eyebrow. "I seriously doubt anything you say can make me hate you."

"We'll see." He sighed. "I am going to start with some background tat you probably won't believe and definitely won't understand its connection but bear with me, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed dubiously.

"I come from the planet Kyron, one of three planest of which your scientists know nothing. My people are called the Valsharan. We look and talk like humans, but we live forever, barring being killed, of course. We're also different in the fact that we rely on cool logic rather than the emotions humans have, which we feel but typically deny."

I stared at him, apalled. "No emotions? How do you live?"

"How do you? Look at all you've been through, for example. The children's taunts, your isolation, Michael, and your parents. I've seen the pain and fear in your eyes. How can you live with that."

"By remembering that no matter how bad things get there have been and will be good times again. I can still feel happiness, friendship and love."

I thought I saw a flicker of unease in his eyes, but it was gone so quickly I figured I imagined it. "Love gets you in trouble as well," he said.

I shrugged. "Sometimes, if it's the wrong person, yeah. Most of the time, however, love can make you happier than you've ever been in your entire life. That feeling of bliss makes every bad thing that happens bearable for me. I continue to live because I know that Jack and Jade love and care about me."

Nathan's eyes had taken on a conflicted look. During his silence I mulled over what he had told me so far. It was hard to believe, but part of me did believe for some reason I could not understand. Nathan was an alien! One of the best looking aliens I hd ever seen, granted, but to think all these years the guy I thought I knew was really from another planet! What did you really know about him, though? The thought startled me. All these years he's spent the time learning about me,and I've never learned a thing about him.

Nathan shook himself and resumed his story, "We're a fairly arrogant race, I suppose, but they've earned some right being around as long as they have. My race has been around since before the humans came about, and there's even speculation that we've been around longer than the dragons, though that is harder to prove."

My eyes must have become the size of plates with my feeling of shock. "Dragons are real? Seriously?"

"Yes. They live on the planet Drishan."

I could feel myself getting so giddy I was almost bouncing in my seat. "I love dragons! I only dreamed they were real. I wish I could meet one."

"You will get to after your training is completed."

"Really? Oh, that would be wonderful!"

He smiled briefly but sobered quickly. "My people are separated into different ranks. The higher the rank the more respect demanded and the more obedience required. The highest rank is the Vrakshaan, or the Elders. They are the oldest and most powerful of our race. The next most powerful are known as Mishan. This position is held in high esteem, but, of course, it has slightly less respect than the rank of Vrakshaan. Consider the Mishan as the equivalent of a middle aged human. I am among the next rank, which is the Laeshan. This is the equivalent of people around your age. We are considered young adults, mature enough and strong enough to handle the responsibilities involved with the war or furthering society, yet we are still seen as children in the yees of the top two ranks. The next two down is the Rishi and Tailan. They are the students, but they are still given a small amount of respect since they are learning to use the power. The lowest rank is Xetre. They are the children. The legal system is simple yet very strict."

I buried my head in my hands. By this time we were both sitting on the couch. I turned to face him after a moment. "So, your society is based on strict rules and order with no wriggle room?"

He nodded. "It may seem harsh, but it has been very effective so far."

"So, what sort of laws do you have?"
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"A lot of the same sorts of laws you have: don't kill except in war, obey the ranks above you, and some others that are different. The biggest one is against love, though this is more of a cultural thing than a 'law,' but everyone believes in it so strongly that we believe it is a law. Valsharan are not to love a human, especially not the Niasharin. That crime is punishable by an eternity in The Desert."

"The Desert?" I asked, eyebrows furrowed.

His face took on an almost terrified expression. "The Desert is the place where Valsharan who are sent there go mad. It is haunted by the tormented voices of Valsharan killed there in the past wars. It is a place completely devoid of life. To spend an eternity in that place . . ." he trailed off and shuddered. "Let me put it this way, if you're going to commit a crime that gets you put there, you had better make sure it's worth it."

"I guess so," I said faintly. "All that for loving a human?" I asked, shaking my head disbelievingly.

"That's why I say it had better be worth it. Your father believed your mother was worth it," he said quietly.

My mind froze at the implication in his words. "My, my father. . .," I couldn't finish.

"I know it's hard to accept because you knew him all your life, and it's hard to see that he could be anything more than what he was to you. Still, if you think about it you'll realize I'm telling you the truth," he said.

"My father, a Valsharan?"

"Yes, and there's more. He was a Vrakshaan."

"No, he couldn't be."

"He was. Think about it, Brook. Vrakshaan are only allowed to leave the planet if they reach the rank of Laeshan. Even then, only the Elders are free to leave the planet for as long as they wish without reporting back to the Council. That's why I would disappear for three months at a time each year. He never did in his twenty-four years here, did he?"

"No, he never did."

"It takes three months in Earth time to go to Kyron, fill out the necessary reports, check in with the Council, and then make the return trip. Your father was a Vrakshaan. It's how you got your magic."

Listen to him, my daughter, he tells the truth, a familiar voice spoke up in my head.


Yes, Sweetheart, it's me.

I can't believe this. I must be going crazy, I thought to myself.

No, Daughter, you're not going crazy. It's really me. I haven't spoken to you until now because I couldn't until you learned the truth.

But, you were my father.

Yes, and so much more.

I buried my head in my hands. "This is all too much. New planets, new species, my father one of the Elders of your kind . . . it's all too much to take right now."

Nathan reached over and squeezed my knee. "I know it's a lot, but there's more you should know. For instance, there was a time when all humans could do what you will be able to do after training."

My head snapped up at those words. "Everyone could use magic?"


I snorted in disbelief. "I'm sorry, but I can't accept that one. If that were true, why can't they use it today? And why don't they believe in magic today if their ancestors could use it?"

"As for your first question, we're not sure what happened. The strongest humans of the time, it is rumored, all gathered together in some secret location with the intention of making your race stronger in magic. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, and instead of making the race stronger, the event burned the magic out of humans entirely from the information we've been able to gather.

"As to your second question, are you so sure they don't believe? Where do you think the stories come from? Is it not possible that the stories you all believe to be myths are residues of memories of the time when magic and dragons and creatures of the night existed? The Elders believe that humans must have believed the magic was evil since it was burnt out of them and therefore tried to forget it. Now, all that's left is the stories."

I shook my head. "Unreal. I always assumed something was wrong with me, I never imagined others have used this power before me."

"You're not alone in this. Look," he said and a ball of flame appeared, hovering over his palm. It turned into an ice dragon statue and then a rose which he handed to me.

"Thank you," I said smiling. "It's beautiful."

"Then it belongs with you. It carries my heart."

I stared at him in shock. "You can't mean that."

He smiled sadly. "Unfortunately for both of us, I do mean it."

"But, The Desert . . ."

"You're father believed that if you truly believe that something is worth any punishment then any punishment you receive will feel like nothing because you will have that feeling of faith to sustain you. I believe you're worth it."

I stood and walked to the window to stare out into the neighborhood that was turning gold in the sunset. My mind tore at itself, trying to deal with everything at once. Nathan loved me! Do I love him? I wondered. I didn't know. Nathan had been there since I was sixteen and about to make the worst mistake of my life. He had been there every day, ready to listen to me or just sit with me. He seemed to understand me better than anyone, and I'd always thought of him as one of my closest friends. He had always been there as a steady rock, quietly sitting in the background. I had come to trust him implicitly without even realizing it. I leaned my forehead against the window. Even if I did love him, could I do that to him? Could I risk it all and then see him ripped away to be sent to such a Godawful place as The Desert? Father, I could use your advice right about now.

Follow your heart, Daughter. You know what it's trying to tell you. Don't let the fear of being caught keep you from the one you really want. Believe in your love, and you can get through anything.

I moved back to the couch and sat down again. "If we get caught because of this, I'm going with you to that place."

He shook his head violently. "I would never let you, and they certainly won't."

"Well, it's my decision, not yours or theirs. I'm going with, so I suggest we keep this quiet."

"Agreed," he said, his eyes full of delight as he enveloped me in his arms. As he held me, he asked, "Want to hear about the dragons?"

"Of course!"
"Now, I warn you that our knowledge of dragons is severely limited. I can tell you only what we know through our few interactions with them. Our alliance with them is strictly business, so we pretty much only know the politics of the dragon society. There are six clans of dragon, but they all work together very closely. There is one main clan chief and then five lesser chiefs. The main chief now is Onyx. His mate Ruby serves as ambassador to my people whenever necessary and is also the leader of the red clan. The dragons aren't really the war type, but don't make them angry. Their temper is slow in coming to the surface, but once it gets there it's brutal.

"Dragons are healers. They can and do fight, of course, but their specialty is healing. Their potions have brought many a Valsharan and even humans back from the brink of death. I can't explain their magic. It's based on something entirely different from our own.

"The clans are separated by color. The black dragons are the satrongest and biggest in size. The red are the agile clan, built for speed and stealth. The green are more earthy and focused on their potions. The blue are the swimmers. The gold mix fighting and magic better than any of the others. Finally, there's the white. They are the guardians of secrets. From what we've seen the white have the highest position of honor, except for one dragon we've heard rumors about but never seen, the one silver dragon known as Kronos. That's all we know about dragons, I'm afraid."

"Wow," I breathed. "Real dragons! Who knew?"

I stood and carried the empty mugs to the kitchen. As I rinsed them out and put them in the dishwasher I thought about all I had learned. Was I really believing all this? Did I have any other choice? You can use magic, yet you want to question the man who has always told you the truth? I berated myself. Besides, haven't I always felt there was something more than what I was seeing? Haven't I always felt like the world as I knew it wasn't all of it?

I felt a presence behind me. I turned to see Nathan standing in the doorway looking troubled. "What is it, Nathan? What's wrong?"

"There's more I have to tell you, and this is going to be the worst part."

I sighed. "Then we'd better return to the living room."

When we were sitting again he grasped both of my hands. "I want you to understand that after you hear everything the decision of what to do is still yours. Okay?"


"Because you have the ability of magic the Elders want to train you on the planet Kyron. This means you'll spend an indeterminable amount of time on a planet that is generally unfriendly to you. This amount of time will be time that we cannot see each other more than just in passing in the streets. It will be years way from your sister and friend Jack. The training will be rough; I won't lie to you."

"I'm a danger to them as long as I don't have control. Besides, everything has a price, right? I'll do it."

He nodded. "There's more. The rest is not so easy a decision. There is a third world of which I have not told you yet. It is known as the World of Shadows. All th estories you hear about vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the shadows stem frm the creatures of this planet. For centuries they have tried to take over our worlds. They always go after Earth first, believing its people to be the easiest to conquer. In the last war the only reason we were able to hold them off was because we allied with both the dragons and humans, though you'll never hear the other Valsharan admit such a thing."

"I'd imagine not," I said wryly.

"Then the magic of humans died out, and, although the Elders would never admit it, we became nervous. We had to come up with a new way to win before the World of Shadows attacked again. Then one of the dragons made a prophecy about one, the Niasharin, or 'Blessed' in your tongue, who would be born. The Niasharin would be our only hope of salvation. The Elders sent one of their own, your father, to find the Niasharin and enlist his or her help. He was straining me at the time, so i was given permission to accomany him under the condition that my training continue. Only your father and I knew about his breaking of the law, and I wouldn't dare report an Elder. then you were born, and your father knew right away that you were the Niasharin."

I swallowed nervously. "Me? You're kidding, right? I'm supposed to be your people's saving grace? You're nuts! I can't help anyone. I only hurt people."

"I told you, that's only because you haven't been trained yet. Come on, Brook. Like I said, it's your choice, but think of the price. If you don't help us all three worlds could be destroyed. So, what do you say? Will you help us?"
Okay, my first two posts have been edited to show the completely revamped beginning to chapter one. Chapter one is now divided into three parts. The first part is "Ghost Girl." The second part is "Nathan," and the third is "Brook." All three are tied under the chapter title "The Plea." Chapter one is probably the only chapter that will have a first part that is in third person. If the rest of the chapters have more than two parts it will most likely be alternating between Nathan's and Brook's views. I warn you that chapter one is a lot longer so far, so you're in for a lot more reading. I have 32 pages handwritten so far, and I'm still going. More to come. . .

Okay, part two is now posted. The second two posts contain Part two.
I enjoyed reading it. I'd give some more thoughts on it, but it wouldn't be anything too valuable anyway. Just keep at it.
Taylor_Blade said:
I enjoyed reading it. I'd give some more thoughts on it, but it wouldn't be anything too valuable anyway. Just keep at it.
If there's something that needs work please tell me. You're getting a book published, so what you have to say definitely has some weight to it. Thanks again for the feedback.