WTF ... IS WTF!?
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BigSweetJack regrets past posts and accepts the fucking fact that he need's to post well. Jack's views came to be quite a shock for his family and friends.
"The guy's obviously such a fucking prick" someone close to Jack confides, "I don't see how he'll ever fucking change."
But Big-Sweetness sees this as a needed step in his pathetic future at WTF.
"Fuck guys...I'm just like totally sorry, er, whatever" UltraDolceJake is quoted as saying.
The Jack of Sweet also realizes the irony of announcing to post well in a poorly formatted post. But to somebody with his determination, guts, and lust for success and your mother, Jack will stay true to his word. :)
ummmmm WTF is this all about? big jack its not that hard here you know. read a thread, post somethig ummm semi worth reading. but then again, i rarely do, i post lots of BS but people read it and agree or argue with me, just don't be an ass or a jonny wanna be and you'll be ok.
Not open for further replies.