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Nex-Gen consoles

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So E3 wrapped up this weekend and it was quite a bit to-do for the gamming industry. Obviously the most exciting thing was the unveiling of the next-generation consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Since nobody seems to have started a threat about this, I thought I'd get the ball rolling. Post your comments, predictions, and thoughts about this new line of systems. Check out's coverage of E3 to see the games and specs for the new line.

I personally can not WAIT for Halo 3 next spring. An Xbox 360 is definitely on my list this holiday season.

I definitely suggest watching some of the game play videos from the link above (make it a point to watch the Kill zone 2 vid and remember that it's all IN GAME footage, fucking amazing). Enjoy!


There are threads about all three consoles already, I believe they're in the Entertainment forum.
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