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Nintendo Revolution - The Unveiling

Here it is:

Well, not much to be told with that pic, other than that it's small, and has regular discs. There's no way this will outpwn PS3 or 360, but; Nintendo fans, you know where you are.


The new Nintendo looks like a red X. :( I thought Nintendo would be more creative than that. :rolleyes:
*Sigh* I expect there will not be another Nintendo system. Sony and Microsoft have taken the battlefield.
I don't know what everybody has against Nintendo. I have always bought Nintendo's new systems and it has never just sat and collected dust. A lot of the games may be kiddie but they are so fun, it doesn't even matter. All the Zelda games were awesome in my opinion. Resident Evil 4 is a must own, Mario games, and the metroid series are all worth having. Don't get me wrong, I love my XBOX too and I will have a 360. I just don't think Nintendo is getting a fair chance.