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Offbeat No Baseball In London Olympics

London's showpiece will now feature 26 sports rather than 28.

This came after after International Olympic Committee members rejected proposals to replace the axed sports with two from rugby sevens, golf, squash, karate and roller sports.

Baseball and softball failed to win a majority of votes in a ballot of members at the IOC Session and became the first sports to be cut from the Games since polo in 1936.

IOC members went through seven rounds of voting to decide which two of the five would-be Olympic sports should be put up for a vote to give them Olympic status.

Having selected squash and karate, the members then overwhelmingly rejected their bids to join the Olympic program.

The last Olympics to be staged with just 26 sports was Atlanta in 1996.

Although London will have two less sports than Beijing in 2008, it is expected the IOC will tweak the program of events and boost numbers among the events so the Games will be no smaller than Beijing's.

"It's entirely a matter for the IOC. We're delighted to deliver a Games with 26 sports," said London 2012 communications director Mike Lee.

"There will be some savings through not having temporary venues in Regents Park but it is not a major consideration.

"We will deliver the Games the IOC want."

Lee said Regents Park will now likely be used to stage cultural events during the Games period.....

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Well anyone bothered by this?


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
WILD said:
Well anyone bothered by this?
Not really. There's not much of a draw for baseball or softball to begin with. They require a large amount of space and time to be played. So not popular + sort of a pain to host = no games.

I seriously don't see it as an anti-US move if that's the drive you were after.


All i have to say is that they are missing out!!!