no idear what to call this one


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
Darkness rolled over the room except for the corner which was lighted by a single monitor. A young male was sitting infront of it typing like a madman. Music streamed from his speakers fueling the desire in his mind to write and create. Letters streamed on to the screen forming words, from which he constructed sentences, and then paragraphs and then a all out piece of writing. As he began the second paragraph he heard the slow and quiet creak from the front door. Thinking it was just his parents he payed little attention and continued to type. Soon a second and louder creak came from the upstairs and he realized that someone must be coming downstairs. He got up from his chair and walked around the corner to see nothing. The door wasn’t even open. He was left slightly shook up as he was certain that he heard the second door open. Worried he walked upstairs and looked for his parents…they were no where to be found. Puzzled and scared he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife just to be safe. Before he went downstairs he locked the front door and closed the door leading to his sanctuary downstairs as well and sat back at his computer. Not 5 minutes had passed before he heard the front door open, however this time he heard footsteps to go with it. The loud steps echoed through his mind. Thud….Thud….Thud….Thud, slowly one followed the other and the downstairs door opened yet again. The boy grabbed his knife and ran around the corner to find yet again nothing. He flew up the stairs and checked and yet again the front door was still locked. Extremely nervous the boy closed the door behind him again and returned to his computer. Once more 5 minutes passed and he began to hear it again. The door slowly swung open with a shrill creak sure to be heard through the house. The footsteps were louder this time…THUD…THUD…THUD…THUD. Again the second was heard swinging open and the footsteps carried on down the stairs. At this point he was furious with the noises he heard so he just sat where he was and acted as though he did not hear it. Slowly the steps got closer. He was sure he felt someone breathing on him. But it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Extremely cold and yet burning hot at the exact same time. Before he could scream he felt the cold blade force itself through his throat as blood spewed out from his wound he turned around to face his attacker. And in his last breath he saw nothing. Not a soul in sight. His parents rattled the keys into the lock on the door some 5 minutes later and entered the house. With the door to the lower levels being closed they thought nothing of it. The body wasn’t found until the next day when his mother went looking for her knife.