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Offbeat No seats left - Stuff them in the trunk!!!!


I know where you live!
A motorist saw a woman stuff two children into her car's trunk and called police. The California Highway Patrol pulled over Lavern Dunlap, 35, and found six passengers in the car -- plus the two kids in the trunk. They were headed toward Palmdale, 60 miles from their Glendora home. None of the nine occupants was wearing a seat belt; Dunlap was arrested and charged with child cruelty. Meanwhile, a police officer in Thurmont, Md., watched a woman load three young children into her trunk at a mall and drive off. "Did I do something wrong?" asked Lanora Adele Lucas, 37, when he pulled her over. "Yes, you did," Sgt. Shawn Tyler replied. "I don't think so," a feisty Lucas
said. But when Tyler asked, "What about the three children you have in the trunk of your car?" she started to "visibly shake," he said. Lucas was charged with reckless endangerment. (Los Angeles Daily News, Washington Post)


Brain Spout

Wizard No More
that's illegal???

i hope this is only with children though or one of my friends is going ot have to find another way around

i am definitely for getting rid of this silly children no trunk law. thse cops are clearly prejudice against children or soemthing.


Fold down the back seat so they can fit in the trunk and still be in the car. Never let them climb in through the trunk hatch. What is the age limit for riding back there?


Bullshit! how is this illegal? (haha j/k)
I used to do this every now with my friends after school when loading up my car to go eat.
Never got caught though.