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Headlines North Korea gives up it´s nuclear program


A Rampant Vagitarian
A chinese news agency Xinhuan says that North Korea has decided to give up all of its nuclear programs. This agreement was reached after a six-party-negotiations in Beijing.
USA has also stated that it is not about to attack North Korea.
North Korea will receive energy and oil for "payment" on this deal. Later a energy-based nuclear program is allowed, after strict control though.
There is no decision on the lightwater reactor planned to be given to the NK

So... Kim Jong Il finally agrees to this.. What about the nukes they already stated they have produced? I doubt there are any.
This shows Chinas power, after all it would have been outright WWIII if USA would have attacked the NK.


Chaotic Neutral
Nailbomb said:
Right. And that shows China's power, how?
They were able to deal with NK with positive results as opposed to the USA's poor diplomacy in Asia. After all, how the fuck do you want to deal with a country after throwing around moronics statements like "North Korea is evil". That just pretty much kills all diplomacy and shuts the door.

With that said, Kim Jong II is a crazy whacko and the population must really suffer. NK is the country with the highest military spendings per GDP.


A Rampant Vagitarian
Another great diplomatic effort which is worth mentioning must be George W Bush´s "Kim Jong Il that hostile little pygmee".
I find it quite hilarious.

If it weren´t for China as NK:s next door neighbor it would have turned into another Iraq or Afghanistan years ago. Chinas shadow forced USA to be as diplomatic as they could, which is not much.

Yes, Kim Jong II is truly and utterly insane. So is W. Other has long range nuclear weapons. I fear the one with bigger ears more.