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Not fitting into certain social circles


hmm i've been working at this club for nearly 2 years, and been getting on with this one guy, billy. we got on famously, i really did believe i was in his close circle of friends.

he is getting married soon in greece, and recently had a buck's night, and i was excluded, and many guys at the club weren't. i was really hurt by this, and i confronted him about it, and now he isn't talking to me because he is afraid he might frustrate me further.

from my perspective i feel like i have been fucked over. but apparently his reasoning is that "we're just mates at work, that's all"

i don't really care for his friendship anymore, it's just more of the same faceless apathy which is in such abundance it trickles down the walls like molasses.


He might have a life that he has to hide from work. Another thing is his idea of a party might be a little differant than your's is. Then again it could just be that his other friends don't like you.


HAHA, wow you sound like a real moron right now I gotta say. Not everything is going to go the way you want. But I can say this because I did the same thing a little while ago with some morons, but I realized I wasn't wanted so I just sorta found new friends that weren't totally jackasses. You want to know the reason they didnt want to hang out anymore? Because I was friends with a guy who wasnt exactly in the in crowd. But im also very werid and I laughed it off ^_^.


Well...all of youzzz...need to look in the mirror and say: "God,I'm ugly!"
...or just say,who cares? Life goes on. I can say this with conviction because everybody wants to hang with BIGdaddyFuct. If you don't,I don't care. (/cares) You need to look in the fuckin' mirror and just except who the fuck you are and fuckin' like it. If not,you'd better start trying to un-fuck yourself,and figure out why people think that you're,"not kewl". Either that,or take a look at your standards and check and see if they need upgraded or not.

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gehtfuct said:
start trying to un-fuck yourself,and figure out why people think that you're,"not kewl". Either that,or take a look at your standards and check and see if they need upgraded or not.
i agree.. a lot of the times you just need to make some changes to yourself. not necessarily for others, but to better yourself, and you can learn a fuck of a lot about yourself by doin that. but don't go changing every time someone doesn't like something about you. i know someone who changed themselves completely (or at least said they've changed) because of what other people were feeling towards him, and now he's got no fuckin clue who, what, or where he is, and isn't exactly enjoying himself.

saying "fuck em all" and really stickin to it, aint exactly the best way to go abouts it either. sure, you'll eventually meet other jackasses like that, and you'll get along.. but for one thing, THEN you're being hypocritcal, because once you get along, you become friends, that means you care for another, and then you start to subconciously say "fuck most of em". all in all, shit just gets more fucked up then.

people are shit, all in their own ways. when they let you down, ya it's gonna hurt, but it's best not to be sad or mope or be grumpy about it. at least not for very long. those are the ones you can say "fuck em!" to, and you'll actually feel better about it, instead of havin it smack you in the face. there's plenty of other people left in the world that you're better off with, and you should know what's better for you.


How dare you!?
Yeah i have had a few friends like that. They are all cool at work but then if i mention getting together to hang out or do something they blow me off.
It sucks but w/e gotta find your true friends (or the people that are willing to be seen with ya lol) and then the people that you only talk to in the situations where there is no one else.