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Not Poetry But Eh....


They look so real! Wish I could paint like that.

J/k. Very nice flicks, really like the winter one. I used to be well into my photography. I'll dig some pics out when I get home.



Angel of Death
thanks guys

top picture is of the start of an f4 tornado. whiped out a little town of spencer about 30 miles from me. The storm system moved over my town.. I have to get a scanner bought one of these days and get the rest of those pictures up. believe it or not that picture was taken at like 3 in the afternoon. Reason you can't see more is it was hailing on me and pretty scarey. they were quick shots. I got some really good ones. See the blue patch there, the clouds were swirling around that. THe reason the tornado was so big, is two MASSIVE wall clouds slammed into each another. it was unbelievable. I will never forget that so long as I LIVE.

The winter picture is just some random weeds or shrubs out back by my dog kennel... i was messing around trying to show what winter looked like in south dakota to Jesse's Sister, but the shot came out really NICE....

Was at a truck stop and thought that those clouds made a really unique sunset. Was really impressed with, shot it when i got the picture back it was even more beautiful cause the light reflected off the ground.

the last picture is of the sundown one. Taken in the badlands of south dakota. I thought it was going to be a crap picture and wanted to finish off the rest of the roll. Thought the sunset was awful but the sky, lighting and everything turned out beautiful.
Beautiful pictures are always worth more than a thousand words.
:thumbsup: GOOD JOB :thumbsup:


Explosive Flame Bait
I'd take up photography, but my picture phone just won't cut it. :(