Nothing left....


Angel of Death
Yesterday, I woke up for no reason
from my deepest sleep

I said today was going to be better
and I walked around my emptiness
i took a shower, went to brush my hair, put on my makeup
and wonder what the point was,
i wasn't going anywhere, no one was coming over
i hadn't anything to do...
i wish i would of died
at least i would have to pretend
to be alive anymore.

a thousand years
would never explain to you
how alone, how ashamed
i am right now
and who to blame?
I wouldn't wish this on you.

So here am?
half the person i use to be
put that on your greeting card
and i have to wonder if I died

how long before they found the body
how long before my husband realize
i am not there to fuck it all up again.

It's noon right now
the same as the day before
still i called my bestfriend
to find out i don't have one anymore....

I don't need them right now,
no... i don't know where to turn
its no secret..... i am so confused

i wish i was dead....
i wsih i couldn't feel
i wish this wasn't my life
i wish i could just sleep it all away
i wish I was brave enough
to end it all today...

so tell me where has my happiness
so tell me where are my dreams
so tell me what i have left that isn't

bring me some smiles,
maybe that asking to much.