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should not sure be let back in

  • let him in this is unjust

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  • kepp his sorry ass out

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Banned - What an Asshat!
hey my other acount was banned i am pettioning to get myself back in
i was banned for thinking that world is going to come to an end in the yaer 2015
because the coal will run out

and then

Hmmm.....I really think Bush is the AntiChrist now......

It says in the bible that that armageddon with occur in the seventh year of the anitchrist's rule. Well, by my calculations, that gives us about a year and a half

posted by james sp is he banned i think not
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You should be IP banned for making another account when it says that no member will make 2 seperate accounts. You were banned for being an asshat, go away. :banned:
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