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Nottingham Singles

Blaze Daily

<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
Started a sub-domain

This domain is for Nottingham Singles. I coded it mostly in Css, with basic HTML markup.

The site is not finished, but looks o.k. for only 2 days into the project. I go live all the time with my designs. They are all works in progress.

Sometimes I lose heart and digress into a fanstasy world where I'm the victem of society ills. Sad really that when my sister saw and the new addidtion she was overjoyed and said I should really go into site design.

But she just doesn't realise there's people far better and more dedicated than me to net comms. I admit I'm just a hobbiest, with about a decade of experience in various languages and O/S along the way.

Tell me what you think of the new sub domain if you ever get the time to visit. I guess in some ways it's plain crap. But in others it's innovative and subtle. In my own opinion. :bomb:


Banned - What an Asshat!
this explains everything..

City cheapest for new club drug

An anaesthetic that is becoming increasingly common in the club scene is cheaper to buy in Nottingham than anywhere else in the UK, says a survey.

Researchers surveyed drug prices in 15 towns and cities - ketamine, which is commonly used by vets, cost an average of £31 a gram.

But the survey revealed it is on sale for £15 in some areas of Nottingham. Only London has similar prices.

It is currently legal to possess but is set to soon become a class C drug.

The charity DrugScope said the survey revealed a rise in the use of ketamine by clubbers.

Powder form

Researchers found it on sale in eight of the towns and cities, while it did not feature at all in the same survey last year.

Ketamine is a general anaesthetic which has been used in hospitals and in veterinary medicine since the 1970s.

But among recreational users it is often used in powder, tablet or liquid form. Users report euphoria, hallucinations and "dissociative" feelings in which mind and body seem to separate. But it can be dangerous when taken in conjunction with alcohol or other depressants.

oh and i looked at your forum.. is that just you talking to yourself with lots of different names..?

Blaze Daily

<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
Dude - I can't score k if I's pretty hard to hook-up unless you already have the connections. I'd never touch that shit cause I read about a homosexual who used to go into a k-hole at house parties and he died.

The site already got one new member since I started advertising on search engines. Which is neat. It's only a local dating site - I saw a hole in the market for Nottingham dating so I filled it.

Void, I do talk to myself a lot at the forum. But others sometimes stop by from and - two other forums which know me quite well. It's a guest access forum which I hardly moderate, so anyone can post anything as long as it's legal.

Thanks for taking a peek. Personally, I hate the design, colors, and gfx, of the forum. I hate the way it's coded too. Nottingham Singles is like everything I learned from forum coding, but improved and stripped down. It's still not perfect code, but I'm still a beginner at PHP.