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Now I never made a thread like this...sober...


Powdered Toast Man
Okay...yeah, I've never made a thread like this because I am usually an easy going guy without a care in the world. But I'm drunk, and I'm not the apathetic person I thought I'd be. In advance, I'm sorry if I turn out to be a whiney tard. But yeah,this is my rant. I just got home from some party at my friend's place. I'm also really into this girl, who I brought along to you know, get hammered. I recently found out she is a major flirt, and flirts with every freakin' guy she can get around too. Now, these guys are dumbass pervs, who've turned from friends, into those rednecks who sit in pervert row at a strip club. I was planning on going steady with this girl to pursue a relationship, but now I really don't know if I can trust her or not because this evening she was similar to a doobie being passed around at a party. I've heard rumours, hear-say, and other nasty things about her, but she doesn't seem the type...and I am skeptical about the authenticity of these rumours. Friends told me not to do it, others told me to pursue a relationship. So here I am, faced with a decision to trust this girl and give her a chance....cause Im pretty sure I have a good chance with her or just say fuck it and find someone else and be safe....and if anyone tells me just to bang her...fuck off...I'm not like that. :mfinger:


well, i think you should talk to her. ask her how she feels about you, and about a possible you and her. if she wants to be with you, tell her that you do not like how she acts at the parties and whatnot. maybe if shes with someone she will have a different additude about how she acts at those parties, especially if you and her are there together. jealousy can create monsters though. be careful what you say to her, especially if you and her arent "together."


i like hearing drunken rants. they make me laugh
doesnt sound like a rant. Anyway ure 17, so how the fuck you know pervs that hang out in strip bars + theres no redneck dudes in canada?


Kiss my Converse
Sooo, what you are saying is your friends & rumors dictate who you go out with. :rolleyes: Just fucking go out with her, and if she fucks up drop her like she's hot.

Let me give you a older guys perspective ... you should be trying to nail every peice of ass available right now, screw commitment. One day you are gonna wake up and be almost 30 wishing you had taken advantage of such oppurtunities while you had the chance. :p


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Never give anyone more trust than they deserve.
You don't have to trust her to go out with her.

Give her a chance, not your trust.
hmmmm theres no point on trying to "go out" with her if he feels he can't trust her. but beieving here say from your buddies is a mistake. maybe they want to go with her too, or just hit it with her. so talk to her, just out right ask her. being a flirt isen't always a bad thing, i am. i'm a shamless flirt, BUT when i am with someone i know where i lay at night and i don't cheat. so think it over and talk to her if you like her. i agree with whoever said your young, its trial and error. its not the end of the world if it dosen't work out, but who knows you might end up passing on something that could be really good too! so take a chance.