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Nvidia to launch 7800GT this week


It will be a slower clocked version of the same G70 chip that we all see as the Geforce 7800GTX series. We suspect that it will be just a slower clocked card with same number of pipelines but we could not confirm this at press time. We don’t have the core clocks for you, yet. Nvidia wants to keep if quiet, even to its partners.
GeForce 7800 GT possess 24 pipes and 8 vertex shaders just like the 7800GTX except that the core and memory clock speeds are lowered. The reference 7800GT card is supposingly clocked at 335MHz core and has 1.1GHz memory clock using 2.0ns GDDR3 memories. The best thing is that this card will be priced at US$499 which is $100 lower than the current 7800GTX card.
The price isn't as low as I expected, but it will definitely be the card to beat. It is a considerable drop in clock speeds though, and no conformation on how many pipes as of yet. I wonder if it would be OC-able to GTX speeds...


silver_shotgun said:
um... didnt they just finished from desining the 6800 gforce for the ps3????
man thats fast!!!!
The PS3 RSX is based off the G70/GeForce-7800, which in turn is just a tweaked NV45/GeForce-6800.