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Ode to that Damnable Cupid


Looking for truth
Pity me, sweet Cupid. Another
arrow and my heart may bleed out.
How many times can love strike a man
over one woman at once?
It feels as though I love her
Five times over, an eternity each one.
And yet, I am thwarted to
Any knowledge of her, not even her name.
And why must you force me to
Aim so high.
Can a man possibly gain the
Affection of Venus?
No, it is unfair.
Every time I even think of
Professing even my name to her,
I am limited only to stare in
Unbridled affection, without even being noticed.
And just when I find my staring
To be the stare of lunacy and just look away,
You strike three times as many
Within a smile from her,
Or the sound of her voice,
Or her wild scent poured on me,
Or that lock of hair,
That seems to fall out of place on cue.
Damn you Cupid, who
Gives you the right to interfere with
The passions and interplay
Between mortals,
And make me feel so close to
Paradise, but never there?
Strike another,
But guide your aim
From me,
And allow me to catch my breath,
Before I see her again.