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Off the top of my head.

Waiting for your breath,
A touch of your skin,
No patience left.
I've been here before,
Left waiting.
Where have we gone,
That left us, no more?

Strangling the minutes,
Knowing you're no good,
I've worshiped your temple,
More than one should.

A million smiles,
And emotional gifts,
Nothing given back,
I search and sift.

I've found nothing,
That you've done for me,
I've worked magic,
Yet can't let you be.

To love you was easy,
Should have moved slow...
Love came so easy,
Why not the same, to let you go?

Weeee! Lotsa coffee and boredom lands you in the Writers Block!


Somewhere in the Between
Since when does Havok write poetry? Good. Rep.


I'm a lover not a flamer.
Hmm. Good. I'm not sure giving you rep would be very good, since I don't have a lot of power myself. But I will try.