WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Oh noes, is being hacked!!!

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<Cheeky> asl wild
<Junglizm> what's up
--- Junglizm gives voice to _wild Cheeky Wizardly
<Junglizm> asl omg lol wtf
<-- Wizardly has quit (Wizardly)
<Cheeky> i'm 17/f/cali anyways
<Cheeky> and i'm so damn boreeeed
<Junglizm> I was being sarcastic... we dont' asl people in here. ;)
<_wild> 156/N/?
<Junglizm> Wild, I got the next step
<Cheeky> lol
<Cheeky> is that wrong? wtf is goin on here
<_wild> yeah I'm kind of at a loss after the whole acient langauge part
<Junglizm> I'm working on a hash table for it
<Cheeky> hash? lol
<_wild> if nobody solved it maybe you'll make some cash
<Junglizm> not the smoking kind
<Cheeky> heyy put sum hash in ur
<_wild> wait cheeky did you just get here at random?
<Cheeky> it's gona be fun
<Cheeky> yesss
<Cheeky> how cud u know?
<Cheeky> lol i just typed
<Cheeky> and see wt've i got
<Junglizm> how'd you get here random? the chan is +s+p
<Cheeky> Gosh i'm really bored
<Junglizm> _wild, so you never got past this step?
<Cheeky> lol u call this achat room woyh steps?
<_wild> i got to the final step but after the language one it wasnt really my work much
<Junglizm> you can always just leave
<Cheeky> it's the worst chat room i've ever seen
<-- Junglizm has kicked Cheeky from (asl?)
<Junglizm> lo
<Junglizm> l
<_wild> lol
<Junglizm> ah
<Junglizm> brb
<_wild> k
--> Guest_077 (~Guest_077@ has joined
--- Guest_077 is now known as Cheeky
<Cheeky> wtf?
<MaxPower> Cheeky
<Gu|nness> Cheeky
<Cheeky> u kicked me out?
<_wild> me?
<Cheeky> na.....
--> lcarus ( has joined
--- |BRiT| gives voice to lcarus
<Cheeky> how dare ya?
<Cheeky> dun u know who i'm?
<_wild> cheeky?
<_wild> thats my first guess
<Cheeky> i can hack the whole site in a sec
<lcarus> I want to talk to DustinzGirl :-/
<Cheeky> lol
<Cheeky> wild i'm tkn to u man..chill
<_wild> why do I need to chill?
<_wild> what have I done?
<Cheeky> lol nuthin
<lcarus> You're the one threatening to "hack the whole site in a sec", maybe you need to chill
<Cheeky> lol
<Cheeky> oh i have nuthin to do but lool
<Cheeky> cuz i'm bored
<_wild> normally someone who says a/s/l doesn't 15 minutes later "hack the whole site in a sec"
<Cheeky> guys.chill
<Cheeky> i'm a hacker
<_wild> what methods you use?
<Cheeky> lol
<lcarus> Hack the gibson for me please
<_wild> You're going to hack a gibson?
<Cheeky> lol......... y?
<_wild> lol
<lcarus> lol....... bcuz ive hrd so much abt it n i want 2 see it done!
<Cheeky> brb
<_wild> THE gibson is very important
<Junglizm> I took screenshots of me hacking the gibson
<Junglizm> gimme a sec
<lcarus> Ban the gibson from the internets
<Junglizm> Cheeky you don't know what hashing is but you can hack the internet?
<Junglizm> haha
<_wild> The computer idiot savant
<lcarus> Or just idiot
<_wild> true
<lcarus> My friend is an idiot savant
<Junglizm> I find that odd since hackers can code, and hashing and cracking hashes is a pretty important part of anythign dealing with hacking.
<lcarus> He can always guess the answer to popsicle stick jokes before he gets to the answer
<Junglizm> passwords don't just walk up and give you blowjobs
<lcarus> Junglizm, so you can hack the gibson... but can you hash the gibson?
<Junglizm> yeah: the gibson = dc2aca36ac4359231fd05e8d19307b19d6c55ed6
<Junglizm> SHA-1 encryption
<_wild> and it appears cheeky has left
<lcarus> So is the internet still going to work now that you've hashed the gibson?
<Junglizm> not only that, they now come with complimentary grape jelly
<Cheeky> back
<_wild> Oh why couldn't it be strawberry jelly
<Junglizm> go away again
<Cheeky> heeey
<Cheeky> dun piss me off
<_wild> Done hacking the whole site cheeky?
<Cheeky> na bt i can do it
<Cheeky> but i'm so lazy now
<Junglizm> _wild, I only know how to make grape jelly hashes. :( I skiiped the strawberry day in college.
<Cheeky> lol
<_wild> Thats about the worst day to skip
<Junglizm> how would you do it then? explain in detail.
<_wild> Strawberry Jelly = 89532ff5c6e7870e7c2cd9460201d330005b6a41
<Junglizm> how would you obtain the admin password? what OS does the site run on?
<lcarus> Wait
<Junglizm> what web server do we run?
<lcarus> Hack google, that's much better
<lcarus> Change the main page to "Cheeky <3s Icarus"
<Junglizm> I'm going smoke, you guys want +m or not?
<_wild> I don't know what +m is but oh well
<lcarus> Is anybody else opped?
<_wild> I never use IRC
<lcarus> And on?
<Junglizm> no
<Junglizm> you have voice though
<lcarus> Just leave it I guess
<lcarus> He might be amusing
<lcarus> See ya Junglizm
<_wild> Know whats kinda funny
<lcarus> A lot of things
<lcarus> But tell us
<_wild> the thought that maybe right now cheeky is desperatly trying to hack the server
<_wild> just sitting there on the main page typing furiously
<Junglizm> lol, I'm posting these logs when i get back
<_wild> maybe thats only funny because im an idiot though
<_wild> k
<lcarus> He's probably viewing the source code and doing edit => find in this page for like... "hack" or something
<_wild> lol
<_wild> watch she actually goes and hacks google
<lcarus> It's a she?
<_wild> the first thing she said was 17/F/Cali
<_wild> or the second
<lcarus> What a dummy, I share a state with her
<_wild> What a dummy, I share a country with her
<lcarus> Haha
<_wild> Cheecky you still there?
<lcarus> I guess she's hacking my gibson
<lcarus> It's no easy task, you know


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻





Guys, I think my PC has a black eye now. :(


Soul Doubt
omg guys when i looked at my gibson, I got an error message!



You're my number two
Icarus said:


From the Whiteboard of MaxPower


Chaotic Neutral
- 911 emergency?
- Yo someone's hacking teh Gibson!
- omfg!!1

/me wins at the internets for bringing up this old gay thread
other than the domain change, what was up with that site? i didn't notice any viruses/java/malicious codes..

is it really true that macs can not get viruses? i find that amazing.
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