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Oh Snap It`s Bill Gates


Oppressing your posts...
if it was bill gates he could buy and sell your ass before you were done posting... on the other hand could it be him using his own name knowing we would think it wasnt him even though it is him.. Fuck you bill and your devious ways! oh and welcome.. fucker...


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
I already hate you for the "Oh Snap" fucking line.

Jesus Christ. If you're going to swear just fucking do it already. We all know that "Oh Snap" really means "Oh Shit" or "Oh Fuck". And what difference does it make if you say a different word when it's obvious what you are trying to say?

That's it monkey fucker. I'm taking the welcome mat away.

Go away.

And don't demand rep points. It makes me cranky.


Soul Doubt
Bill gates...
Give me money. Now. Give me the amount you make in the reading of this...
AKA : A few of my pay cheques... In reading this you agree to give me money. If I receive no money, You will unexpectedly die from a bullet wound in teh head from a sniper who no one will ever catch.

Thx - PM me for my paypal