oh the sappiness of it all..

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
kay, this is kinda lame to post on here.. but im fuckin bored, so take it bitch!


eyes were sore
from looking at nothing but the pain
i had notihng but the pain
i wondered why
everything i thought was wrong
all the waiting was too long
and i'd cry
like a weak and selfish freak
drown in tears i could not speak

you came around
you had been there all along
everything we thought was wrong
i had been found
i didn't know it then
but i'd forget it all
just to live it all again
i swore i'd save you
i didn't know why
but something'd happen if i tried
and now i need you
to fill every second of my life
even after there is no time

when i say i love you
i mean it more than love defines
i'll give you the mountains, trees, and skies
but they're so worthless compared to you
i can do nothing but be true
i will blow away the pain
even if i seem insane
it's all i can do
i don't deserve you


Banned - What an Asshat!
Pretty decent. Need punctuation and more rythm. Kind of throws me off in a few spots.

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
i know, pathetic isn't it? =P
most music written will be depressing and lacking in selfworth because that's just what musicians write about. i respect songs that are all happy-go-lucky singing about what a wonderful life this is... but it's just not realistic. i can never really find inspiration to write when i'm in a good mood. i write when i'm pissed or sad or depressed or generally fucked up, because it usually relates to people better aswell as myself, and gives soul to the music.