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oh what to do about a lesbian bitch...


:sword: OMG ok i know my life may not be as fucked up as some pplz on here, but yah...anyone know what its like to have a lesbian mother?? and then for youre whole life pretty much she drank and beat you, and went into rehab[thank god :thumbsup: ] and now shes got a g/f whos a bitch and likes to try and run youre life, and goes thru your stuff and hits you behind your mothers back? meanwhile, your mother is not your mother anymore, shes a completely different person, all bcuz shes being controlled by her btichy g/f who doesnt give 2 shits about anyone but herself. and then, the only person in this fucking house who kept you from killing the bitch, moves out, leaving you to slowly and painfully go insane, when finally, you get so sick of the bitch that you whip a knife at her, which misses by the way [ :mad: damn...]and ends up in the wall, then the bitch tackles you, whilst you find it rather amusing that she thinks she can beat you up, considering shes half your size and strength. so afterwards, the bitch goes to her room and starts throwing shit around, your mother gets home, and her g/f tells her that you are on drugs [which you arent] [at least...not yet] and so your mother kicks you out and youre now living with a friend... :confused: HOWS THAT WORK :confused: ?!?!?

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Well, aint that a kick in the bollocks... :redface:
Seems to me you have a psycho mother -in-law (joking!)
Anyways, I think you should just stay with your friend until things calm down, and try and write a note to your mother explaining things, or if that doesnt work ask someone from your family to talk to your mum or the other women?... Its a tough situation.


meh_it_all said:
and try and write a note to your mother explaining things

Allow me to submit a sample note.

Dear Psycho-Bitch,

I have enclosed a gift made especially for you. Please pull the round metal object and count to slowly to five :bomb: . I hope you burn in hell for all eturnity.

Your homicidal son/daughter


i give up!11 /wrists
Yes, I know what it's like to have a lesbian mother.

Except, I don't live with her or her girlfriend. Her girlfriend and I, however, are not on good terms.

But wow. That sucks. I'd ask your mother for some time alone to talk. Tell her to grow a fucking backbone. Then mention how you'd never put a boyfriend/girlfriend before your own kid. (When and if you have them.)