Old poem ~Reasoning~


Angel of Death
without cause...
a justice no one hears...
alone, locked inside oneself
the cool steel, the click..
Tears massively streaming
pooling at his eyes...
Rage that becomes uncontrollable
laughter, pain and taunting
but most of all... over looked,
the hatred.
That sweet bitter smell,
the taste left in your mouth
and the noise...
a thousand screaming voices,
at first it started quite.. barely there
"Just Do It"
tamed with just a slice
a mere slip... an accident
to many "Accidents" wield 12 weary eyes
now a watching, every move
staring as though they can not see...
Enraged, is his hand now...
remembering... simple memories, as his finger
so deadly dances upon the trigger.
Life or Death?
A toil with no real right answer...
To live, only to die later
or to Die, never to live at all...
Both choices lead to the same
unheard answer, the forgotten answer
the pale off set color of black...
that finds itself inside darkness.
Few think of it, Few are comfortable with it thoughts...
He is no stranger to it...
It recoils inside his mind, min after hour
hour after day
and day after years...
Until finally this moment
egged on, brought to the boundries
and a single second...
"20 years of life gone,"
his mind still thinking,
his hands now sweating...
his fingers still dancing.