Oliver Reed


i don't think i can ever compete with such excessive alcohol consumption


Reed's drinking bouts fitted in with the "social" attitude of many rugby teams in the sixties and seventies, and there are numerous anecdotes such as Reed and 36 friends drinking, in an evening, 60 gallons of beer, 32 bottles of Scotch, 17 bottles of gin, four crates of wine and one bottle of Babycham. He claimed of the story that he drank 106 pints of beer on a 2-day binge before marrying Josephine; "The event that was reported actually took place during an arm-wrestling competition in Guernsey about 15 years ago, it was highly exaggerated." Despite occassional reports in publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Reed never played for the Sunday rugby team the Entertainers.

Reed was often irritated that his appearances on TV chat shows concentrated on his drinking feats, rather than his latest film.

He died suddenly of a heart attack in St. Julian's, Malta reportedly after drinking three bottles of rum and after beating five sailors at arm wrestling. His death came while he was in the middle of filming Gladiator, and his remaining scenes were completed using a body double and digitally manipulating previously shot footage.


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dookie said:
i don't think i can ever compete with such excessive alcohol consumption

Too bad, I would have liked to have a drink with that man. If I could keep mine away from him that is.