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Two. In. A. Row.

What the fuck.

Jacksonville, at home, on a 50+ yard FG, then to the Chiefs who SUCK at Kansas City.

:gun: :(


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Yeah, first, Indy has Gomer fucking Pyle as their quarterback who chokes when it really counts. Cold Hard Football Fact : Gomer Pyle sucks in the playoffs*

Two: Indy has always had a shit defense and a shittier secondary. It's easy for them to blow out shitty teams. But, what happens when they play a team that can pass and run? They get shallacked. And, they'll continue to get shallacked until they shore up that defense. Tell Indy to call up Baltimore. Baltimore could use some tips on offense and Indy could use some tips from them on defense.

Indy sucks. Fuck off Gomer Pyle. You suck too!

* Disregard last year's playoff performance against Denver and Kansas City as both teams decided to take a nap from playing defense.

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Baltimore can't run the ball when they are down by 5 at midfield with only a few minutes remaining...

And the Colts... well, they cant just do anything on defense. I remember a few weeks ago the Indy/Green Bay game... it was almost 21-21 after 5 minutes. i was shittin my pants. thanks to the Colt's and Packs' defense, i had to buy new pants.