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CuntWaffle or Dumbass?
I Hate The FCC said:
They're a team from some other site trying to start a flame war (bad idea) or are two stupid teenagers that would think it'd be funny to geht banned. Either way they're fucktards. :thumbsdn:
Note true, i am not related to that guy in any possible way :eek: :eek:
Jimjo said:
This site is teh rawks....F :thumbsup:
*scratches head in confusion* I think, if I'm deciphering this correctly, that you like the site so far. Well, good and welcome. Now, fuck off.
None of you listened to my warning and you will see a surge of these new members that somehow know each other and they will try to start a site war. It'll be like what we just got over a few months ago. Or it will be just those 2 until someone else goes over there. Hell, I should know about these things. Awaken and I were involved in one of these and I was blamed as the one who started it all even though I started nothing. There will be no winner over that issue because Awaken will say that I started it all even though I did not. The argument over that is pointless at this time now anyway. I suggest that these two be banned immediatly if we do not want another B-H incident occuring again.