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On Black Excellence


When I first heard the term "black excellence", it was a part in a set of hashtags. Every time someone writes about it, it's in reference to somebody black succeeding in their ambitious goals, ambitious by anyone's standards. Someone's referenced goals aren't always ambitious, but it usually is that case.

I thought about #BlackExcellence on a bus on the way home from work, and how I felt about the idea when I first encountered it. I was supportive, but cautious because something didn't sit right with me, and I'll tell you what it is soon. I think excellence from black people is great since it means less death and more life and more happiness and satisfaction, which I feel that blacks in a poor, urban background lack because it sucks to be poor, and being around other poor people suck more since there breeds a growing resentment, or it could be growing motivation, which the idea of black excellence is great.

Even if I said that black excellence is great, I still have a major problem with the idea, and it is that it's patronizing. By way of the media, it appears that blacks have a hard time due to historical trials and trauma, and it's to a point true, but it doesn't have to stay that way while the media continues to perpetuate it. Hence, #BlackExcellence is useful for adopting a motivated mindset, but what's patronizing to me is the fact that there is no #WhiteExcellence, #AsianExcellence, #JewExcellence, #WhateverElseExcellence, yet there is #BlackExcellence which implies that it isn't our general state, and this is sadly true. In my opinion, no matter what historical oppression afflicted black people went on, I feel like the sorry state Black America is in should not have lasted to this day, yet here we are.

I encountered the idea of black excellence years ago, probably about four years ago, but what made me think recently about it was watching various computer scientists go on about their day in school or in their jobs. Whenever a black person or another minority person or a woman was the subject of the video, the comments would reference their identities in a motivational light.

I think anyone can think whatever they want about identity and success, but you won't hear me clap because someone black (or even a woman) is successful. Everyone else is successful the same, yet we don't clap for them.


^Say's the fetishist wearing Scott ski goggles and dish washing gloves.

Black Velvet is serious Black excellance. Thank you Canada! I'm drinking a portion of excellence right now.
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Maybe it's something to do with the IQ gap... everybody knows black people are the smartest