On of my fav flashes.


Angel of Death
Another one. Not sure you guys will like this one. But i thought it was imporant to included the full story....

The evil king Ravana has abducted Sita, who languishes in his garden for a year while chastely resisting his amorous advances. Meanwhile Rama has conquered all of South India in her pursuit, and finally, accompanied by his devoted servant Hanuman and the monkey-men, vanquishes Lanka and rescues Sita.

But Sita and Rama's reunion is no happy affair. Instead of embracing his loyal wife, Rama coldly rejects her, accusing her of "sleeping in another man's house." Because the dejected Sita no longer has her husband's love, she does what any self-respecting Indian woman would do: jumps on a flaming funeral pyre. But so pure is she, Sita is spared by the flames, emerging unscathed. Now even Rama admits her purity, embracing her at last.

Designed to look like a 1920's musical extravaganza, "Trial by Fire" includes a chorus of dancing Vanaras, glamorous sets, and Sita in the spotlight singing "Mean to Me" by 20's torch singer Annette Hanshaw. "