On Topic?


I am sick of people bashing me for simply doing what the topic of the thread asks for. On many ocasions this has happened. when asked to point out who i think is a douchebag b/c it is asked in the topic "who is an annoying douchebag?" i am called out for flaming outside of B&T by calling descent a doucebag. when asked how i feel about SCUM, i answer, and then am bashed for saying i dont care... thats how i feel and so thats how i posted! people need to read forum topics and get off the administrative potium in trying to call out those who are not on topic, and start calling out those who truly are not on topic. yes, this thread is in 'feedback and suggestions' b/c this is my feedback on posting here at wtf.com and i have listed some suggestions.


Mr. Ee
Zoso, you can't expect everyone to behave in the Bait and Tackle section. Thread crapping is gonna happen, and so will idiotic posts.

Buck up soldier, the reality that is the internets will scar you, but it'll make you a better person. :thumbsup: