One doozy of a day at my job


Modern Moses
If you're wondering why I didn't put this in BRiT's thread, this is because it was more customer based, not employee based. So without further fucked up day.

So there I am. It's 5pm, I had gotten punched in, I notice the other busboy I'm working with got a haircut. He's a cool guy. I also notice it's really slow in the restaurant. For now, this is good. I hardly had to do anything at first. I was anticipating the late rush we would get later, but the stuff that happened before was far more unexpected than I could have ever imagined.
By about 6, it gets to a point where we both have to do a few tables. This isn't so bad, we're moving around, but it's still really slow. I end up having to chop more pickles, get some ice, etc a little later. Then after I came back out, I noticed the first problem. There was water flowing out of the bathroom onto the carpet.
The toilet in the men's room was at this point so backed up that the entire bathroom there was wet and it was soaking the entire mini-hallway at the corner where the bathrooms are. So a bunch of people are scrambling around and I end up helping. I first grab the squegee out of the dish room, and then start pushing water back towards the bathroom(the water had stopped flowing at this point). I then had to go upstairs and get a mop. I had trouble finding it, but I got it, made it myself, blah blah. We seem to be making no progress at all with these mops. How anybody could use these things to ever pick up water is completely beyond me. There was also a water vaccum involved, which you'll hear more about later.
Somehow, we get to a point where the mops aren't working even a little bit anymore so we resort to paper towels. Eventually now we just put an out of order sign on the door to let the floor dry out. What sucked about this time is that I rolled up my pant legs to keep them from getting soaked and the general manager tells me I'm not supposed to be wearing white socks at work. Gee, another pointless dress code rule I never knew existed.
While all this is happening, there's a party of about 16 obnoxious high school girls from the town I used to live in way back when. They all must be about freshmen and sophmores...I even recognized one of them. Well, one of the little craps is celebrating her birthday. And when the staff goes over with the cake, the party of brats starts singing the birthday song themselves. Earlier they were singing about sweet 16s or whatever. Through the midst of this, they keep saying that the waiter is hot and it gets to a point where they all start getting their picture taken with him. This party better be leaving a big fucking tip.
It gets down to judgement time and not only are they still hanging around the restaurant(kind of like going back and forth between the front door and the table), but they only leave a SIX DOLLAR TIP for a 120 dollar bill. A few of them left the waiter their phone numbers. How adorable. Only at this point, since I'm a busboy, I'm getting screwed out of a good three or four bucks here.
I go over to the sidewait to organize some things and then one of the girls walks up to me. She said hi, and then after the pause she made, I knew she was going to say something fucked up. She asked for my phone number. This is some girl along with her friends that I was mentally cursing throughout my mind. Before that night, I had no idea who this fucking person was. She never even said a word to me beforehand. The first thing she did was ask for my phone number. Now I've made a lot of stupid choices, but I'm far from retarded. I explained how I didn't even know who this girl was and that it felt awkward to give out the phone number, and she took the hint.
There were a few of them left later on and they were all attemping to clear their own table. They were organizing everything and I go over to them(this is incredibly strange feeling because one of these girls was the one who asked for my number already) and I was saying nicely "You don't have to do that, that's my job, I can take care of it." And they were like "Thanks." And giving me these weird looks. I didn't like this shit one bit. I was hoping they would just leave, and they did. But not before the supervisor stopped them and guilt tripped the girls(easily) into coughing up like, another 30 dollars.
At this point I'm so confused and angry that I feel nauseous so I go upstairs to the break room. It's about 9:30. I sit for a few minutes and there's not much going you figure I'd get to leave, right? WRONG. You know the rush I mentioned earlier? I was still waiting for them to come. There was a play at my school tonight and I knew for a fact that everyone was coming since my sister was one of the people involved in this thing. So I'm bored out of my ass waiting for these people, then between 10:30 and 11(I'm usually out of here well before then), they start flocking in. Before I know it, the entire front room and some tables in the back room are filled. This is more than just your average rush. I'm the busboy in a uniform trudging through halls of people I know. I'm basically their bitch. Sure they paid(barely), but the point is that my pride was still hurt from all this. I hadn't felt so down in ages. I'm walking slowly(since they're not getting up quickly) to do what I have to. Luckily nobody really said anything to me(I think they knew better anyway, even without the scowling look on my face) so it could have been worse I guess. But these bitches don't know how to tip properly. One of the tables leaves a dollar. Ooh, a whole dollar, look at you big spender.
By the end of the night, all the tables are done and I get my tipout. 45 fucking dollars. I was hoping for at least 60. I did get two free meal cards(One for helping clean the bathroom and the other for staying so late) but I would have traded them in for that extra 15 bucks any day. I guess I shouldn't have counted my chickens so high because it was a slow ass Friday night and all the customers and wait staff tip shitty anyway, but after what I did tonight, I felt like I earned more. I felt flat out gypped.
I left at 12:15(almost four hours after the other busboy left). Work sucks ass.