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One for Meh...


I'm just really nice.
As some of you already know, I spend a lot of time boxing. Mostly with friends, but I have been in a couple 'for cash' bouts.

Anyways, on Saturday I was boxing with some friends. Sam decided he wanted to take me on this week instead of just training like was originally planned. Alright, no big deal, I figured. Anyways, I think it was our fourth round, I ended up punching him square in the nose. I could tell right away that it was broken, so I stepped back and dropped my gloves. Unfortunately for me, Sam was the only one who hadn't noticed he was bleeding everywhere, so when I put my hands down he moved in and hit me twice, really hard, one in each eye. Took me down pretty damn fast. At this time, he figures out that he's really messed up, so he freaks out and starts running towards the locker room, while I'm laying there knocked out cold. When I came around, I eventually managed to pull myself up and stumbled into the locker room after Sam. He's standing in the showers, still wearing his shorts and all his boxing gear. Fool hadn't even spit out his mouthguard. Anyways, he's still bleeding a bit, so we decide to take him to the hospital without changing, so everyone grabs their stuff and we head off. He had stopped bleeding for the most part when we got there. We called his mom to come, and he eventually got checked out. When I got home, I went to the bathroom and noticed that I've got the raccoon mark (both eyes bruised all the way around, top and bottom). Sam came up yesterday (nose all bandaged) and claimed that he won the fight because he dropped me. Fuckin' kid. Anyways, that's pretty much been my weekend. Oh, the topic title is something I told Meh I'd do when someone got hurt boxing. To tell the truth, I'm still amazed this only the second broken nose.


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
haha :)
auch..poor you :hug2:
I like boxing 2 but not anymore..they are such wimps todays boxers..just jump around hugging each other..your match seemed ok ;)
youre either playing the game right or not at all.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Nail, I told you if you got hurt, I'd teach you a lesson.

Im glad you didnt get anything broken THIS TIME.

Heh, funny about the other kid though.